Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 544 - The Past at Heavenly Palace Cliff 1

So who was the Heavenly Emperor? Did she fall in love with the Heavenly Emperor?

“But the Heavenly Emperor is the master of Heavenly Palace Cliff who rules everything. My objection was pointless…”

“So that’s how she hurt you?”

Then it was quite smart of you to give up on her.

“I didn’t hate her after she hurt me. I still loved her, and I told her that. She was quite shocked. Perhaps because of our history, she didn’t turn me down harshly. But soon enough, the Heavenly Emperor declared that she was his only soulmate.”

Gu Bailu sweated hard. “Perhaps she didn’t turn you down because she didn’t want to break your heart… Do you think she chose power over you?”

“No… I was upset, but I still worshiped her. I was willing to do anything she wanted, even violate an order from the Heavenly Emperor…”

“Then why do you say that she hurt you?”

“She and the Heavenly Emperor were happy for a couple of decades. The Heavenly Emperor had a dispassionate temperament, but he adored her. Later, however, there was chaos in the human world, and people were fighting each other. It was the will of the heavens that mankind be purged.

“The will of the heavens was received by the Heavenly Emperor, who immediately gave me an order to carry out. After she learned of it, she came to me and begged me not to do it, declaring that every person down there was a living soul.

“I told her that it was an order from the Heavenly Emperor and I couldn’t disobey it. Because of that, she had a huge quarrel with the Heavenly Emperor. Unable to persuade the Heavenly Emperor, she begged me again. I couldn’t see her in pain, so I violated another order.”

Gu Bailu’s heart jumped. She didn’t know that Bai Yunyi had done so much for her.

How would he be punished after violating another order?

“What then? What happened to you after you violated the order? Is that why you’re in the human world now?”

“I was thrown into the Fire of Hell and suffered infinite pain while missing her. But she never once visited me. I would’ve been happy and satisfied as long as she came to see me even once, but she didn’t. She and the Heavenly Emperor made peace with each other. They were just as in love as before.”

Gu Bailu subconsciously wanted to shout, That’s not true! That’s not true at all!

How could she have loved the Heavenly Emperor as much as before? Feng Qingtian told her that she killed the Heavenly Emperor.

“Maybe there was a reason why she never visited you. Who told you that she and the Heavenly Emperor were still deeply in love?”

“Nobody needed to tell me. Everybody at Heavenly Palace Cliff knew; even that person in the Fire of Hell knew.”

Gu Bailu frowned slightly. Why didn’t Bai Yunyi know that she killed the Heavenly Emperor? Where was he back then?

“Were you imprisoned in the Fire of Hell the whole time?”