Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 542 - Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 3

Qian’er served each of them a cup of tea without expression.

Bai Yunyi was a little surprised when he took a look at her. “Are all the maids in your house as pretty as this?”

Qian’er was wearing the maid’s uniform, and she had especially left her hair unkempt, but her beauty still couldn’t be covered up.

Bai Yunyi had sharp eyes.

“Mr. Bai, are you saying I should give her to you?” Gu Bailu teased with a faint smile.

“Ms. Gu, you’re really generous. But I’ve said even nicer things about you, so why won’t you give yourself to me?” Bai Yunyi observed the tea carefully.

“It doesn’t matter how you flatter me. I belong only to myself, and I won’t give myself to anyone. Why are you just staring at the tea?” Gu Bailu was a little nervous.

She felt a little guilty as she had never done this before.

Bai Yunyi frowned. “I don’t like flower tea.”

Gu Bailu gave a light exclamation. “I’m sorry. I really didn’t know that you don’t like flower tea…”

“That’s fine. One’s preferences can always change. Since you offered this to me, I’ll drink it even if it’s poison.” Bai Yunyi drank the tea.

Gu Bailu didn’t know what to say. Why are you talking as if you’re sacrificing yourself for me?

Bai Yunyi looked a little pained. His brow remained furrowed even after he drank the tea.

“That was really inconsiderate of me…” said Gu Bailu apologetically.

She would’ve told Qian’er not to add chrysanthemums if she had known his preference.

But thankfully, the man didn’t turn the tea down since he was still pursuing her.

“That’s fine. The tea is delicious. But I love flowers. I would rather bury them than use them for other purposes.” Bai Yunyi put the cup down and his eyebrows finally relaxed.

“I’m truly sorry. As a gesture of apology, I can give this maid to you…”

“Enough kidding. I’m not short of beautiful girls.” Bai Yunyi frowned again.

Gu Bailu laughed. “It was just a joke. Do you really think I would give her to you? I wouldn’t give her away even for ten cities!”

With a smile, Gu Bailu looked at Qian’er.

Qian’er nodded her head subtly.

“I don’t have ten cities.” Bai Yunyi smiled and said, “Were you testing me?”

“It was just a joke. Don’t take it seriously.” She had only said it for fun.

“Don’t worry. I have more beautiful girls around me than there are in the royal palace, but you’re the only one who occupies my heart.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes twitched. Bro, can you stop proclaiming your love for a moment?

“Have you ever loved anyone before?” asked Gu Bailu.