Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 541 - ake Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 2

“That’s already impressive enough.” Bai Yunyi didn’t hide his appreciation.

Gu Bailu felt that he was really one hell of an actor to tell such a great lie against his conscience.

“What are you talking about? I’m just a piece of garbage. There’s nothing impressive about me. I don’t have much spiritual power.” Gu Bailu snorted. She knew very well how weak she was.

She was far weaker than Bai Yunyi, or she wouldn’t have almost been killed by him.

“But love isn’t based on spiritual power.”

Bai Yunyi’s words touched Gu Bailu deeply. She chuckled. “That’s because you’re different.”

A truly powerful man wouldn’t have to consider their love’s strength, wealth or position, because they didn’t need to marry in order to further increase their own wealth or power.

Bai Yunyi was probably that type of person. That was why he said that love wasn’t based on spiritual power.

In fact, it was only because he had yet to face any obstacles which he couldn’t overcome. Once he ran up against obstacles that were too challenging for him to handle, he might not be as free-spirited.

It was just like Feng Qingtian, who had to push her away because of the heavenly and hellish retributions.

There were great powers everywhere in this world. Just because Bai Yunyi said this now didn’t mean that he would stand by it forever.

Gu Bailu wasn’t really convinced.

She knew that he was acting unbridled only because he was able to.

Back then, Feng Qingtian had also been unbridled and took her in when everybody considered her garbage.

But what about now?

On the surface, they had completely broken up, and deep in their hearts, their feelings for each other were starting to waver.

At the very least, she felt that Feng Qingtian’s love was incomplete and flawed.

At first, she had faith in him and trusted that he would never look for another woman, but now, she was beginning to have doubts.

That was the tragedy of love; it wasn’t indestructible, and could be easily shattered by a minor test.

“What’s your type?” Bai Yunyi asked her.

“I don’t know… Someone like you, for now.” Gu Bailu grinned at him.

She really didn’t know what her type was.

Actually, she vaguely felt that she was scared of falling in love with someone, as if it would deprive her of her dignity and make her pitiful.

“That’s good. I like me, too.” Bai Yunyi had a mouthful of milk tea and asked, “What’s this? It’s delicious.”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “You think that’s delicious? You’ll be served more delicious drinks later.”