Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 540 - Make Bai Yunyi Betray Himself 1

Therefore… all the gifts had been utterly worth it.

“Alright.” Although he had already had breakfast, he didn’t mind having ten more breakfasts here.

Leading him to the dining room, Gu Bailu sat down and asked, “Do you really have feelings for me? Just from our previous fight?”

Bai Yunyi looked at her and saw that she wasn’t shy at all when she asked the question. She was truly a bold girl.

Of course, she wouldn’t have slept with Feng Qingtian if she wasn’t bold.

“I really do.” Bai Yunyi blushed slightly. He had never thought that he would tell a pregnant and abandoned woman that he liked her.

It was true that nobody could predict what would happen in life.

“You really don’t mind that I’m pregnant and abandoned?” asked Gu Bailu curiously, her glittering eyes focused on him.

“I shouldn’t, but I’m a little bothered that it’s Prince Zi’s baby,” said Bai Yunyi honestly.

Gu Bailu had been staring at him. She knew that he was speaking the truth and that he really didn’t like Feng Qingtian.

Those two must’ve had history together in their previous life, or Feng Qingtian wouldn’t have been so startled to see him.

“Then why are you making a scene? Nothing can change the fact that Prince Zi is the father of my baby, and I will tear whoever dares hurt my baby into shreds.”

Gu Bailu’s previously warm face suddenly turned ruthless and fierce.

Bai Yunyi’s heart jumped. He had considered getting rid of the baby, but according to Mr. Xiao, he would never get Gu Bailu if he caused her to lose the baby.

He had to drop the idea.

However, that would make Feng Qingtian happy.

“You’re not really planning for me to lose my baby, are you?” Gu Bailu didn’t miss the unusual flicker in his eyes.

Bai Yunyi chuckled. “Why would I? I really want to marry you. You won’t forgive me if you find out that I caused you to miscarry. I would never do that.”

Gu Bailu poured him some wine and said, “Smart. I like talking to smart people. Have a drink.”

Bai Yunyi finished the wine in the cup. It was obvious that he wasn’t scared that the wine might be poisoned.

“Here. This is the breakfast I usually have. You can’t have it anywhere else.” Gu Bailu warmly offered him some food.

Bai Yunyi helped himself.

Gu Bailu was quite satisfied to see how obedient he was.

It would be great if he was exactly as he appeared.

For some reason, Gu Bailu found it impossible to hate him even though he might be an enemy.

It was as if her fondness for him was buried deep in her heart.

“This is really delicious.” Bai Yunyi ate some food, and his eyes glowed with satisfaction.

“Of course. Only the cooks in my house can make this. I trained them personally,” Gu Bailu said cheerfully.

She found Bai Yunyi so familiar and she felt that she could tell him anything.

“You know how to cook?” Bai Yunyi was surprised.