“Uncle!” Right then, a kid rushed out and grabbed Shao Zun’s arm, drawing his attention.

He was followed by a woman who hadn’t entirely calmed down yet.

The boy was only around four and could barely reach Shao Zun’s arm. He was plump and cute.

Was it the kid that Gu Bailu had almost killed just now?

Gu Bailu was glad that she had stopped just now. It would’ve been a shame if such a kid died.

Gu Bailu looked at the boy and then at Shao Zun. Were they related?

Shao Zun was lost for words. Now, Gu Bailu and the boy were holding an arm each, making him appear much more down-to-earth.

His image was greatly affected.

“Uncle, this sister is awesome. The thing she randomly drew was very powerful. Let her come to the Earthly Residence,” the boy begged.

For him, cultivation was very, very hard. He didn’t want to train at all.

It would be best if he could be as awesome as this sister at drawing.

He wanted to learn from the sister, so he had to have his uncle take her in first.

The faces of Murong Cangjian and the rest all changed.

Nobody had expected Shao Zun to appear.

The Earthly Residence recruiting a piece of trash? It was absolutely impossible!

Places like the Earthly Residence were reserved for experts. Why could she enter? For her boldness?

“Alright. The Earthly Residence likes beauties most of all.”

However, Shao Zun accepted it for a simple reason.

Murong Cangjian’s face changed. “Shao Zun, that’s not possible! She’s the Murong family’s captive.”

Shao Zun sneered at him. “Murong, in case you accuse me of being unreasonable, you can have this beauty if you send your precious granddaughter to the Earthly Residence, since beauties are needed here.”

“Shao Zun, are you really going against the Murong family for her?”

If the precious daughter of the Murong family went to the Earthly Residence, it would be the biggest humiliation for the Murong family.

Shao Zun chuckled. “Shouldn’t I be asking that? Murong, are you really going against the Earthly Residence for her?”

Murong Cangjian was infuriated. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I want to.”

“Shao Zun, you’ll stop protecting her as long as I’m willing to join the Earthly Residence?” A soft voice echoed with stubbornness.

Gu Bailu realized this wasn’t good. Nan Ningxin was a person who would use whatever means possible to achieve her purpose.

Bi*ches like these were definitely invincible.

“Beauty, you don’t need to question my word. For your prettiness, you’ll be given a high rank after you come, and your sole mission will be to keep me company every day.”

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. She thought a great hero had come, but it was just a butterfly that would land on every flower.

How unfortunate.

Nan Ningxin struggled before she gritted her teeth. “Alright, I’m willing to join the Earthly Residence.”

“Xin’er!” Murong Cangjian didn’t expect his granddaughter to accept such a humiliating request.

Nan Ningxin ran into his arms pitifully. “Grandfather, you saw for yourself – she practices certain evil arts and defeated so many experts. If she goes free this time, she’ll definitely become the bane of the world. I would rather sacrifice myself than let her run loose.”