Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 539 - I Want Your Gifts, I Don’t Need Your Feelings

She seemed cheery and likable from the depths of her soul, a quality he had hardly sensed from anyone else.

“I have. After receiving your message, I watched over the Unparalleled Black Jade for a whole night. It blossomed this morning, so I brought it here.” He unveiled the pot next to him to reveal the most charming black peony to Gu Bailu.

It was a splendid blossom that was like a beautiful girl dancing in a black dress.

“What a wonderful peony. Isn’t this a very valuable flower?”

“Not really. I can grow any flower that I want,” Bai Yunyi said with a smile.

Gu Bailu raised her head and looked at him. Was this guy a gardener at Heavenly Palace Cliff?

Last time, he also mentioned that he was the one who had grown the 9,999 Spring Harbingers.

“You’re really good. I like it very much.” Gu Bailu examined the Unparalleled Black Jade carefully and found it extremely appealing.

“I’m glad that you like it.” Bai Yunyi was quite happy too.

“However… what I like is this flower, not you or your courtship,” said Gu Bailu very frankly.

Bai Yunyi was stunned; he hadn’t expected her to be so blunt.

“Got it.” But he could only accept it. That was what made her cute, wasn’t it?

A huge part of her appeal was that she wouldn’t fall for a man as incredible as himself so easily.

Bai Yunyi felt that he was completely hopeless, or he wouldn’t feel that everything about her was great.

He was quite shocked that he could fall for a woman so quickly.

“Since you’ve given this to me, I’ll accept it, but I don’t want to get into a personal relationship with you. You know that I’ve just been abandoned, and I’m carrying someone else’s baby. Nothing is going to happen between us.”

Gu Bailu felt that she had to make her attitude clear.

As for whether or not the man would give up, that was his decision to make.

“You’ll accept my gifts, but you won’t accept my feelings?” Bai Yunyi was rendered speechless by how shameless she was.

So shameless that he found it cute.

Had he lost his mind?

“If I refuse your gifts, you can stop sending them to me, and I’ll return everything you’ve given me so far.”

Do you really think I’m interested in your flowers? I’m not even interested in your life.

However, she knew that Bai Yunyi wouldn’t back down so easily.

“No, I’ll keep sending gifts even if you turn them down. Also, I never take back anything that has already been given away.”

Gu Bailu grinned and said, “There we have it. So, instead of throwing them away, I might as well keep the flowers and cherish them, don’t you think?”

“You have a point.” Bai Yunyi agreed.

“Since you’ve given me so many gifts, I have to give you something in return, though I can’t give you my feelings. Why don’t you have breakfast here?” Gu Bailu needed to buy more time and couldn’t let him go back yet.