Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 538 - The Third Prince of the Bai Family Pays a Visi

Qian’er asked hopefully, “Will you take me in then?”

Gu Bailu sighed and said, “I can, but you must know that I’m not strong. If Lu Fenying or the Nether King comes, I might not be able to keep you safe.”

Qian’er shook her head. “I’m happy as long as you’re willing to take me in. I know that neither Lu Fenying nor the Nether King will dare to mess around here. Besides, the third prince of the Bai family is interested in you too…”

Gu Bailu’s head ached fiercely. “It seems that the third prince of the Bai family is truly a great shield.”

Qian’er smiled and said, “You should be happy that you’re loved. The third prince of the Bai family is doing this only because he really likes you.”

Gu Bailu pouted. “Never just focus on the surface. Who knows what his real motive is?”

Maybe he already knew that she was putting on a show with Prince Zi, and he was trying to force Feng Qingtian to betray himself?

No… If he really was here to deploy hellish retribution, he could’ve simply let her die the other night, or forced Feng Qingtian to rescue her.

But he didn’t. Instead, he personally saved her.

She couldn’t see into Bai Yunyi’s brain with her Heavenly Eye, but she could see his aura, which was red and gold. Normally, someone with such an aura didn’t mean her any harm.

That was why she trusted Qian’er.

When a person really planned to hurt someone, their aura would change when they approached their target.

But Gu Yunjing had made it clear that she should stay away from Bai Yunyi…

However, it seemed that Gu Yunjing didn’t know Bai Yunyi’s true purpose either.

So, she might as well let Bai Yunyi continue this farce and see how it would end. After all, she had nothing to lose.

“It’s easy if you want to know his motive…” Qian’er stood up and said with a smile.

Gu Bailu asked, “Are you saying that your tea can make him speak the truth?”

Qian’er nodded. “Yes.”

“Then let’s try it!” Gu Bailu was quite excited. Qian’er couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

Bai Yunyi did visit her in person the next day.

Gu Bailu had had some of Qian’er’s Dragon Spirit Blood and trained for the whole night. Soon after she fell asleep in the morning, the butler came to inform her, “The third prince of the Bai family is here, my lady.”

Gu Bailu couldn’t sleep anymore. She quickly put on her clothes and asked Ah Luo to summon Qian’er.

“Qian’er, how long will it take you to make the tea?”

Gu Bailu didn’t expect Bai Yunyi to come so early. Did the man plan to have breakfast at her place?

“About half an hour,” Qian’er said. “Try to stall for time and have the tea delivered as naturally as possible. The third prince of the Bai family has immeasurable spiritual power. We have to be very careful.”

Gu Bailu nodded and said, “Get it ready.”

She put on a cloak and left for the hall.

Bai Yunyi was sitting in the hall. He was wearing an ink-colored robe and his hair had been meticulously combed. His face was refreshingly handsome, like a sacred lotus flower which rejected everything mundane.