Gu Bailu scoffed. “You tried to erase my memories. That’s not trying to hurt me?”

She suddenly remembered that someone had taken the memories of her previous life from her as well.

Was it Gu Yunjing? Why else would he have the ball of her memories and give it to Nan Ningxin?

Could Gu Yunjing have hurt her as well?

Gu Bailu suddenly found nobody in this world trustworthy, not even Qian’er, who had tried to erase her memory surreptitiously…

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I just didn’t want anybody to know about my connection to the crown prince. I don’t want to be involved with him…” Qian’er tried to hold back her tears.

“Then you could’ve kept it a secret when I asked you about it.”

Gu Bailu’s heart suddenly softened. Everybody had their own secrets. Maybe it was inappropriate of her to pry into Qian’er’s past.

“I didn’t want to keep it from you, and I’m a bad liar…”

“So, you decided to tell me first and then wipe my memory later?” asked Gu Bailu rather helplessly.

“Yes. The tea wouldn’t have hurt you at all. It would’ve only made you forget what I said.”

“Why can your tea erase memories?” Gu Bailu was really impressed by this skill.

Qian’er wiped her tears and said, “I have no idea. However, when I want the tea to have a certain effect while I make it, it will do exactly as I want.”

Gu Bailu was astonished. “Really? Is that really possible?”

Wish-granting tea was definitely a marvelous thing!

No wonder both the Nether King and Lu Fenying were chasing her like crazy.

It was really stupid of Lu Fenying to not hold on to her, but let her escape instead.

“Yes. I don’t know why. Nobody except the crown prince knows about it.” Qian’er nodded.

Gu Bailu still found it hard to believe. “You can really get whatever you want?”

If she could make people laugh hard with her tea, would they continue to laugh until they died?

“Yes, I’ve tested it many times.” Qian’er’s eyes dimmed. Obviously, she had done things before that she wasn’t happy about with this ability.

“That’s too incredible. Then, you can create poison or an aphrodisiac, or make someone pregnant if you want, right?”

Imagine a woman having a cup of tea and her belly getting larger and larger until she went to a doctor who would tell her that she was pregnant!

That was too incredible.

Qian’er’s tea was simply a miracle!

“That’s not wrong…”

“You definitely have the greatest ability in the whole world!” said Gu Bailu with mixed feelings.

She didn’t know that Qian’er was capable of that.

“However… The problem is that the tea I make is different from regular tea and requires goji, and not everybody likes goji tea. Therefore…”

“Therefore, it’s not easy to give everybody the tea, and only those who are familiar with you will drink it?”