But wasn’t her reputation already completely ruined? Even her baby was disdained as a bastard.

Gu Bailu was slightly upset when she thought that.

If the baby wasn’t Prince Zi’s, she would be a sl*t and people would look down on her.

She had never cared about her reputation, and she thought that it was enough if she could protect her child.

But her heart suddenly turned cold when she thought about it more carefully.

If Feng Qingtian really loved her, how could he tolerate her being slandered?

Was it necessary?

He had to push her out of his house, stay back when she was in danger, watch her be criticized, and hold back when his baby was cursed.

She knew that Feng Qingtian must feel as pained as she did, but rationality made him swallow the pain.

He definitely loved her, but his sense of reason really sucked.

“Lulu, hello? Come back!” Bu Yaolian waved her hands and Gu Bailu came back to her senses.

“Oh…” Gu Bailu smiled apologetically. “Sorry, my mind just wandered off.”

“Lulu, it’s actually not a bad thing. You have nothing to do with Prince Zi right now. Everyone else is mocking you, and the third prince of the Bai family can protect you. There aren’t many people talking about the rumors between you and Prince Zi anymore.”

Gu Bailu nodded and asked, “Is there no news from Prince Zi’s house?”

Bu Yaolian shook her head. “Are you still thinking about Prince Zi? He’s too busy cuddling the new princess. Don’t think about that man anymore.”

Gu Bailu sneered in her heart. You can really restrain yourself, Prince Zi.

Your wife is being pursued by an old acquaintance from the past, but you’re as calm as ever.

Thinking for a moment, Gu Bailu said to the butler, “Next time the third prince of the Bai family sends someone here, give him a message that he should come in person if he really likes me. No one else can represent his sincerity better than himself.”

“Yes, my lady…”

The butler was stunned. Was the lady implying that she would accept the third prince of the Bai family?

Or was she just messing with him?

Gu Bailu’s purpose was simple. She wanted to find out what Bai Yunyi was up to, and how well Feng Qingtian could restrain himself.

At noon, the butler brought Qian’er over.

Gu Bailu looked at her strangely. “Why are you here? You’re not staying at Prince Zi’s house anymore?”

Yan Anchun probably still needed her blood.

“I’m not safe at Prince Zi’s house. I want to follow you.” Qian’er fell on her knees and said, “It wasn’t my fault last time. I would never hurt you.”

Gu Bailu frowned and wondered why Feng Qingtian had sent Qian’er here.

She believed that Qian’er could’ve left Prince Zi’s house even if Feng Qingtian was unwilling to let her go. So, this was definitely Feng Qingtian’s plan.

This also suggested that Qian’er had had nothing to do with Gu Bailu’s coma last time, or Feng Qingtian wouldn’t have gone easy on her.

“Then can you explain what was wrong with that cup of tea?” Gu Bailu asked solemnly.