Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 535 - Intense Pursuit by the Third Prince of the Bai Family

A hug from this girl definitely wasn’t a good thing.

She almost strangled Gu Bailu.

Bu Yaolian released her and said, “I’m so happy! I can live with Lulu and learn from you again!”

Gu Bailu looked at her and asked, “Did your grandpa send you to learn from me because he thinks I’m capable?”

Bu Yaolian shook her head. “No, no, no. My family business is quite huge. When I helped you the other day, many people thought that the Bu family is associated with the Gu family… However, the Bai family has a lot of connections…”

So, if Bu Yaolian wasn’t kicked out, these connections wouldn’t do business with the Bu family anymore, which would be a huge loss.

Therefore, her grandpa could only throw her to the Gu family.

“Okay, I get it. Whatever it is, I’ve got your back.”

Delighted, Bu Yaolian stood up and was about to jump on Gu Bailu again.

Gu Bailu hurriedly dodged her. She said, “Pull yourself together, I’m still pregnant. Tell me: Why does the third prince of the Bai family want to marry me?”

Why had the world changed again after her training?

The one thing that hadn’t changed was that she had become the center of public attention again.

“I heard that the third prince of the Bai family told his parents that he’s going to marry you. His parents strongly opposed it and even swore to cut him off, and the third prince of the Bai family really left…”

Gu Bailu’s eyes twitched. “So, the third prince of the Bai family cut himself off from his parents in order to marry me?”

Bai Yunyi, what are you doing?

You’re here to rain hellish retribution on me. I certainly can’t let you recognize me.

“No. His parents are unwilling to let their only precious son go. They’ve changed their attitude and said that he can marry you if you abort the child.”

“D*mn it! Have I shown any interest in the Bai family at all?”

Gu Bailu really didn’t know what to say. Had she ever said that she would marry him?

“The third prince of the Bai family said that he likes you the most and sends gifts every day despite his family’s objections. Now, it’s the third prince of the Bai family and not Prince Zi who is the most popular person in Pale Emperor City.”

“Why? Do they all like this sort of courtship?”

“Because the third prince of the Bai family has hybrid spiritual power!”

Hybrid spiritual power was extremely rare!

“So, he’s so bold because of his hybrid spiritual power?”

“That’s right. Even the emperor and the empress dowager have talked to his parents, saying that they can arrange a wedding if he really likes you.”

D*mn it!

“So, none of them plan to ask for my opinion?”

Someone else had almost decided her life for her while she was training in seclusion.

Bai Yunyi was a man with hybrid spiritual power. That was pretty intimidating.

“The third prince of the Bai family said that no wedding will be held until you agree, and that he’ll pursue you until you accept his proposal…”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.