Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 534 - Flowers From Mr. Bai

Gu Yunjing looked at her and asked, “Has he been in touch with you?”

“We had a match a couple of days ago. He even saved my life.”

“Don’t get in touch with him again. I’m not sure whether he’s friend or foe. Nobody will like it if he learns our plan,” said Gu Yunjing gravely.

Gu Bailu’s heart jumped. “Was he sent by Heavenly Palace Cliff?”

Did Heavenly Palace Cliff send Bai Yunyi, and he wasn’t an acquaintance from her previous life at all?

“He has never entered the reincarnation cycle and has always worked for Heavenly Palace Cliff. Years ago… forget it. Just keep your distance from him.”

“If the fact I was replaced during the heavenly retribution is found out, will you and Feng Qingtian suffer as well?”

Gu Yunjing nodded. “Feng Qingtian and I have never been able to defeat the heavens, no matter how good we are. I hope you remember my words.”

Gu Yunjing disappeared after saying that, and the basin of water returned to its original clear appearance.

Gu Bailu was quite bummed. She had a lot more questions to ask. How could he run away?

If Bai Yunyi was an enemy, why was she so predisposed to like him?

That was strange.

But she didn’t think that Gu Yunjing would lie to her, not when he had sent out his own shadow to help her through the retribution.

“My lady, the third prince of the Bai family sent flowers again.”

Hearing Ah Luo’s voice, Gu Bailu walked out and saw that Ah Luo was arranging a pot of Dancing Orchids which were in splendid bloom despite the cold winter.

“Flowers from the third prince of the Bai family?” asked Gu Bailu bewilderedly.

“Yes, my lady. The third prince of the Bai family has been sending flowers every day for the last few days. Since you couldn’t meet his people, I had them leave.”

“What flowers did he send?”

” Dancing Orchids, like these ones. The butler says that these flowers are very precious in winter. I think they’re beautiful, so I placed them here.”

Gu Bailu looked at the window, only to see a row of Dancing Orchids, which indeed looked very pleasant against the white snow outside.

Bai Yunyi… seemed to be more romantic than he appeared.

However, after the two acres of 9,999 Spring Harbingers which Feng Qingtian had given her, she couldn’t be moved by ordinary flowers anymore.

But why on earth was Bai Yunyi giving flowers to an abandoned pregnant woman?

People would definitely gossip.

If he was an enemy, why was he doing this?

Had he recognized that she was the person that should have taken the retribution?

“Ah Luo, don’t just take anything that people give you.” Gu Bailu was a little worried. Why didn’t Ah Luo ask her before accepting the flowers?

The people of the Gu house were just as unreliable as Ah Luo.

“Lulu, why can’t you accept them? Everybody in Pale Emperor City now knows that the third prince of the Bai family is courting you and wants to marry you.” Bu Yaolian’s fat body pushed inside.

Just watching her walk, Gu Bailu felt tired for her.

“Try to lose some weight. Don’t eat so much when your metabolism isn’t as good as Ah Luo’s!”

She suspected that if Bu Yaolian grew any fatter, she would have to roll instead of walk.

“What’s metabolism?” Bu Yaolian was stumped.

“Nothing. Just eat less. You’re not like Ah Luo, who doesn’t gain weight however much she eats. Right, why are you here?”