Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 532 - Old Acquaintance? Nemesis?

But during the couple of months in the cave after he saved her, he hadn’t found anything special about her except for the fact that she had a lot of whimsical ideas in her head.

“Try and do what you can to save her. I’m leaving.”

Mr. Xiao hurried to stop him. “You’re leaving? What do we do next? Yan Anchun has almost recovered, except that her face hasn’t been restored yet.”

Bai Yunyi froze slightly. “Yan Anchun…”

How could he have forgotten?

Because of Gu Bailu, he almost forgot that he was here for Yan Anchun.

“Don’t tell me that you forgot. Aren’t you determined to snatch her from Prince Zi? That’s why I worked so hard to save her!”

Mr. Xiao felt like he was doing his best but his teammate was really unreliable.

Bai Yunyi sighed. “I really forgot.”

“Then should we proceed with our plan? I can’t work with you if you behave like this,” bellowed Mr. Xiao.

“Of course we should.”

“How can we proceed if you’re leaving already? I only came out today because Prince Zi had to attend the party in the royal palace!”

Mr. Xiao had always found Bai Yunyi reliable, smart and strong, and believed that he was the only person in the world who could deal with Prince Zi.

But unexpectedly, something went completely wrong in the man’s head after he met Gu Bailu…

“Then let’s sit down and talk about it.” Bai Yunyi decided to focus on business. It hadn’t been easy for him to come down.

Gu Bailu had no idea that someone had their eye on her. After they returned, Ah Luo fell asleep instantly, but Gu Bailu sat by the window until dawn.

She remembered her dream of the man watching her being punished from Heavenly Palace Cliff and she wondered why she hated the man so much in her dream.

She always had the feeling that the man was Feng Qingtian.

When she was in danger tonight, Feng Qingtian had just sat there and not done anything; it had almost been like a repetition of her dream.

She could tell that Feng Qingtian loved her.

But this lover never entered her heart. Gu Bailu had always protected herself by not loving Feng Qingtian too deeply.

It was a subconscious reaction, as if something from her previous life was still buried in her heart.

Gu Bailu waited until dawn, but Feng Qingtian never came.

She had thought that Feng Qingtian would be angry when Bai Yunyi hugged her to rescue her, and that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from coming over to tell her to keep a distance from Bai Yunyi.

But he didn’t.

It was like last time when she and Gu Yunjing had gotten “married.” Feng Qingtian hadn’t come, as if it wasn’t his business.

How could he restrain himself so well?

Was his love really deep and profound, or was it just an illusion?

She could barely tell.

She longed for the memories of her previous life.

Also, this Bai Yunyi was extraordinary, and she was inexplicably fond of him, as if they already knew each other for a long time.