Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 531 - Do You Really Love Her?

“Is there any way to save her?” Bai Yunyi narrowed his eyes, unwilling to let anything happen to Gu Bailu.

It would be the greatest shame if such a clever woman died in labor.

“No! There’s no cure for that pill of mine,” Mr. Xiao said affirmatively.

As the greatest doctor in the world, he could instil poison better than a poison master.

Bai Yunyi walked swiftly over to Mr. Xiao, who was still sitting down, and looked at him. “She can’t die. You must do something.”

“There’s nothing I can do. The only option is for you to give up on her. She’s already doomed. Stay away from her while you’re not too in love with her yet,” said Mr. Xiao firmly.

How could Bai Yunyi love her so much after just one fight at the party?

Some people could be loved, and some couldn’t.

Bai Yunyi had always been a rational man. He had to be well aware of this.

“Are you sure there is no solution?” Bai Yunyi asked again.

“Let me think…” Mr. Xiao recalled all the precscriptions he knew and replied a long time later, “It’s truly impossible. I even made sure that her body would rot immediately after her death to avoid any possibility of a resurrection.”

“You!” Bai Yunyi grabbed him and said, “You would be dead right now if you hadn’t saved my life before.”

“That’s not really my fault, is it?” Mr. Xiao felt wronged.

Everything would’ve been fine if they’d just aborted the baby. Furthermore, he had even specifically stated that Gu Bailu would die during labor if she ate that pill.

But Ah Luo, Prince Zi and Gu Bailu hadn’t listened to his advice.

So, that ending was their own fault. Was he really to blame?

“I really don’t know why Prince Zi suddenly abandoned her again. He really seemed quite concerned about her back then.”

Mr. Xiao had witnessed Feng Qingtian taking care of Gu Bailu in the middle of the night when he was heavily burnt himself.

If that wasn’t true love, then what was?

But it wasn’t. After Yan Anchun was cured and woke up, Feng Qingtian ruthlessly drove Gu Bailu out again without the slightest bit of hesitation.

If he had known that Gu Bailu was unimportant to Prince Zi, he would’ve at least kept her body intact.

“He isn’t anxious about her, but about the baby in her womb.”

“If he’s anxious about the baby, why would he drive Gu Bailu out and tell everybody that it isn’t his?”

What was the point?

Bai Yunyi smiled and said, “I know him best. He seems loyal and committed on the surface, but he’s selfish in his bones. He knows there were traitors in his house who caused the accident to his baby, so he would definitely send the baby away.”

“That makes sense. No one would bother to hurt the baby if it isn’t his.” Mr. Xiao nodded. “However… Is it just an act, or does he really not care for Gu Bailu?”

“It doesn’t matter if he likes her now. Since she’s out of his house, she doesn’t belong to him anymore.”

Mr. Xiao still found it hard to believe. “You really love her?”

“I don’t know what love is, but I know that she should be mine, and if she has to die, it should be in my arms,” said Bai Yunyi affirmatively.