Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 530 - Love at First Sigh

Bai Yunyi rubbed his fingers as he watched her leave, and wondered if the baby really belonged to Feng Qingtian.

He vanished into the night.

He soon arrived at a room inside a crowded teahouse. A man in plain clothes was sitting inside. Seeing Bai Yunyi, he said, “You’re here. I heard that you met her today.”

“You’re well-informed.” Bai Yunyi sat down.

“I need to know everything about you.”

“I told you to get rid of the baby. Why is she still pregnant?” Bai Yunyi looked at the man, clearly angry.

That baby was really a bummer.

Bai Yunyi wouldn’t care if it was someone else’s child, but since it was Feng Qingtian’s, he was very upset.

“Relax, she won’t live for much longer. Both she and her baby will die during labor.” The young man poured wine for Bai Yunyi and revealed the face that belonged to the best doctor in the world.

Bai Yunyi suddenly grabbed his hand. “What do you mean? Both of them will die? I don’t want anything to happen to her. She has to be fine!”

Mr. Xiao looked at him strangely. “That’s not what you said at the beginning.”

“I’ve changed my mind. I’m falling in love with this woman.”

Mr. Xiao: “…”

“Are you serious? She and Feng Qingtian had genuine feelings for each other. She’s even carrying his baby. Why are you into her?” Mr. Xiao was lost for words. He wondered what irresistible charm Gu Bailu could possibly have to attract Bai Yunyi when she was pregnant.

“So what? Aren’t they already separated now?” Bai Yunyi had some wine and said unconcernedly.

“Do you mean it?” Mr. Xiao frowned. “Or do you just want to make Prince Zi feel bad?”

He was on close terms with Bai Yunyi, so had agreed to help, but he didn’t know why Bai Yunyi hated Prince Zi so much.

However, if Bai Yunyi did pick up the woman whom Prince Zi had been with before, Prince Zi certainly wouldn’t feel good.

Still… That was pretty outrageous. After all, she was a married and pregnant woman.

“Why do you think I’m lying? It’s probably love at first sight.”

Bai Yunyi smiled and said, “That baby bothers me. Do me a favor.”

Mr. Xiao shook his head. “If you really love her, you should help her save the baby, or she’ll never like you after she learns that you’re behind this.”

“That does make sense…” Bai Yunyi hesitated. However, he still found it intolerable that the baby was Prince Zi’s.

“But it’s too late now.” Mr. Xiao sighed.

“What do you mean? Why is it too late?”

“Gu Bailu took a pill with the side effect of causing massive blood loss during labor. Both her and her baby will die. I don’t have a cure for that pill,” Mr. Xiao spoke frankly.

Bai Yunyi stood up and said, “I only asked you to remove the baby!”

“I could’ve removed the baby, but I would’ve been killed and all your plans would’ve been for nothing, so I had to do it. But the outcome is the same: The baby will never come into this world.”