“Who are you? This is none of your business!” the manager of Ronghua Tower shouted.

Was it a human wall?

Gu Bailu turned her head, only to discover that the man behind her was wearing a silver mask that had delicate facial features.

His charming eyes were also casual and playful.

It went without saying that the face behind the mast had to be splendid.

While this world was cold and ruthless, it was certainly a world with a lot of pretty men.

Wouldn’t they all turn gay when they were so handsome?

Wait… what was she thinking? She should be focused on whose side the man was on.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is whom you must not be mean to.”

The man’s voice wasn’t intimidating, but it sounded unapproachable and unquestionable.

“She’s just a piece of trash. Why do you have to go against the Murong family for her?” The manager was unwilling to piss off a guy who obviously had a formidable identity.

Gu Bailu sneered in her heart. This truly was a world where the strong was respected and the weak despised.

“You’re scared of the Murong family, but I’m not. Ronghua Tower is just a place for shameless people, after all.”

The man’s voice was soft, but it was terribly ruthless.

The manager’s face darkened. “I beg your pardon?”

“I despise your Ronghua Tower. Do you have to make me say it out loud?”

The man looked at Gu Bailu and touched her face. “Tsk, tsk. Such a pretty face is now so pale. How pitiful.”

Murong Cangjian’s attack was dissolved like it was nothing. He finally regained his senses.

He frowned. “Are you Shao Zun?”

Shao Zun? Who was Shao Zun?

Gu Bailu was full of questions.

The ghost replied, “This continent is divided into the Nether Land, the Imperial Residence, the Earthly Residence, Southern Glory Empire, Heavenly Wind Empire and Rising Clouds Empire.

Shao Di and Shao Zun are the leaders of the Imperial Residence and the Earthly Residence.”

“Does this wall that came out of nowhere belong to the Earthly Residence?”

“I have no idea. Shao Zun is a mysterious person, too. Few people have ever seen him.”

“What does the Earthly Residence do?”

“Things that pay well.”

Shao Zun chuckled. “Murong, your eyes are keen. It’s your wife’s birthday today. There’s no need to make things ugly.”

Murong Cangjian said in dissatisfaction, “She hurt my precious granddaughter. I can’t let her go just like that. Are you going to turn against the Murong family for her, Shao Zun?”

“Of course not. They’re both beauties. I can’t bear to see either of them hurt.”

“Then, please give her back to the Murong family.”

Shao Zun winked at Gu Bailu. “Little beauty, how about I give you to them?”

Gu Bailu suddenly clutched him. “Please help me! You’re so handsome! You must be a good guy!”

Her eyes glittered with hope as if she had seen a great hero.

Shao Zun looked at Murong Cangjian and said hesitantly, “See? The beauty is so pitiful. I cannot give her to you.”

“Then, what do you want?” Murong Cangjian was very angry.

If she was released after causing such a mess in the Murong family, would anybody respect them in the future?

The question remained: How had she hooked Shao Zun?