Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 529 - Were You Abandoned?

“Your Highness, can the Bai family be dissolved now?” Gu Bailu asked.

Before the empress dowager could say anything, the emperor opened his mouth. “That was just a joke. How can the Bai family really be dissolved? The aim of the contest today was to pick out the four families for the Sword Test. Now that the Bai family has conceded their defeat, the Gu family can replace them.”

Gu Bailu asked Bai Yunyi, “What do you think?”

“It’s not bad that the family isn’t dissolved; otherwise, I would have to move.”

He was from the third branch of the family; if the family was dissolved, he would definitely have to move out of the house.

“Then let’s do as His Majesty says.”

It would be inappropriate for Gu Bailu to object, not after Bai Yunyi just cut her some slack and saved her life.

Though the Gu family would’ve won even if she died, she was truly grateful to him for saving her life.

The emperor didn’t expect her to be so considerate, and the empress dowager said in amazement, “Miss Gu, you are truly a magnanimous woman. Since you’re pregnant, you should get some rest now.”

You invited me to the royal palace when you know that I’m pregnant?

But the trip was worth it. At least, she had acquired a Holy Fruit, and her spiritual power would increase swiftly with the help of the royal legacy.

It then suddenly occurred to Gu Bailu that she hadn’t used her spiritual power at all today.

“Your Highness, I’m a little tired. May I take my leave first?” Now was a good time to leave since Feng Qingtian wanted her out of here sooner.

“Very well.” The empress dowager nodded and didn’t insist that she stay.

“Your Highness, I’ll take my leave.” Gu Bailu was about to leave, when Bai Yunyi said the same thing.

“Okay, off you go. You’re not needed anymore. It’s time to get some rest.”

The empress dowager could tell that Bai Yunyi was interested in Gu Bailu and wanted to walk her out.

She certainly wouldn’t say no to such a lovely couple.

Bai Yunyi caught up with Gu Bailu and said, “I’m going home as well. Let’s go together.”

“Alright…” The man had saved her life, and he was clearly hoping to leave with her. It would be too embarrassing for him if she refused him.

She wasn’t such an ungrateful person.

The two of them left the party, and Gu Bailu looked back. Feng Qingtian was still sitting there, half of his face in the light and half in shadow.

He didn’t look at her at all.

Throughout the entire party, he never said anything to her nor looked at her except when they exchanged greetings in the beginning.

She really appreciated his acting. His performance was so good that she thought it was real.

Gu Bailu was pretty quiet on the way home. She didn’t know why she wasn’t happy. Her heart felt empty.

Bai Yunyi was silent as well. When they were almost at the Gu house, Gu Bailu thanked him again. “Thank you for saving my life and escorting me back…”

“If you’re really grateful, tell me one thing: Is Prince Zi the father of your baby?” asked Bai Yunyi solemnly.

Gu Bailu nodded. “Yes.”

Bai Yunyi’s eyes glowed with an unusual light. He asked, “So, he abandoned you even though you’re carrying his child?”