Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 527 - Feng Qingtian“s Sense of Reason

But someone else said, “I’ve been watching. Nobody else entered the arena.”

“Then who’s the man up there if it isn’t an intruder?”

“That seems to be… the Third Prince of the Bai family!”

“What? Him?” The leader of the Bai family was enraged as he wondered what Bai Yunyi was up to when he could’ve destroyed Gu Bailu with his spiritual power.

The death that Gu Bailu had been anticipating didn’t come. She took a deep breath, but she didn’t sense any pain. She hurriedly opened her eyes, only to see a handsome face. She blinked, finding it unbelievable. “You… saved me?”

Bai Yunyi lowered his head and looked at her. “I don’t kill pregnant women.”

“Did you really save me?” Gu Bailu’s eyes widened.

What happened? An enemy saved her? That had never happened before.

“Yes. Are you touched?” Bai Yunyi’s lips curved up in a smile.

Gu Bailu looked at him in a daze. The man’s smile was truly pleasing.

Perhaps because she had just survived death, Gu Bailu felt incredibly relaxed. She stared at Bai Yunyi and felt that she found the man very familiar.

“If you save me, I win. I won’t give away my victory just because you saved me.”

Though she was drawn to him, Gu Bailu hadn’t forgotten why she had been trying so hard.

She wanted to find her way into the four families.

“You indeed won. You’re good,” Bai Yunyi admitted.

The two of them slowly landed from the air.

Feng Qingtian clutched his cup hard to stop himself from pulling them apart.

He couldn’t go over, or all his efforts would be for nothing.

He had to hold back. If he did, he would be able to be with Lulu forever.

That man couldn’t recognize Lulu, not when part of her soul was missing.

Gu Bailu was shocked again. This man acknowledged that she was good and had surrendered?

“But the Bai family will be dissolved…”

Bai Yunyi replied unconcernedly, “If we’re really good enough, we’ll rise again. It’s not like we’re all dead.”

Only idiots who weren’t really strong, like the leader of the Bai family, would truly worry about dissolution.

“Then should I hope that you can lead the Bai family and lift it up again?” asked Gu Bailu.

“Thank you.” Bai Yunyi quickly accepted it.

Gu Bailu sweated. It felt like she was taking advantage of him. After all, the man had saved her life without caring about their grudge.

“But I’ll return this favor.”

“You should. Don’t forget it.” Bai Yunyi put her down.

Gu Bailu was a little dizzy when she landed. She had thought she was going to die.

At that moment, she thought that Feng Qingtian would come and save her. Would he watch her fall into danger? However…

She looked at Feng Qingtian, who was still sitting there. She couldn’t see his face, and she didn’t want to use her Heavenly Eye.

No matter what the expression on his face was, she was disappointed, because he was still sitting there.

Although it was her fault that she hadn’t left the party when he told her to and she even joined the contest, he held back and didn’t risk everything for her safety.