Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 526 - Someone Saved Her

Gu Bailu found it a shame that he was from the Bai family. She would’ve liked him better if he were a friend.

She didn’t know where this sense of fondness came from; maybe it was just that she was into good-looking people.

Qian’er, for example, had indirectly hurt her twice, but Gu Bailu never did anything to her.

Beautiful creatures deserved privileged treatment.

Gu Bailu calculated the time. The duration of the contest was one hour, and half that time had elapsed.

Her opponents should be running out of spiritual power.

Bai Yunyi might be too strong to exhaust himself, but the other two disciples might be vulnerable now.

If they were killed and nobody died on Gu Bailu’s side, she would definitely be the winner.

“Ah Luo, prepare to ambush them. Bu Yaolian, hide in the bracelet for now.” Gu Bailu recited a chant and the bracelet moved erratically among the phantoms.

“Alright, let’s go!” Gu Bailu and Ah Luo passed through the barrier of the Soul Collecting Bracelet.

Ah Luo took her into the sky and swooped down toward the backs of the two descendants. She unleashed red spiritual power at one of the exhausted disciples, who collapsed before he realized what was going on.

Gu Bailu, on the other hand, had summoned Yin Neng and cast enhancement runes on him as well. The other disciple also died without a struggle.

Bai Yunyi realized what was going on and launched spiritual power at them.

The overwhelming spiritual power was as devastating as the open jaws of Death.

Gu Bailu was shocked, not expecting Bai Yunyi to have so much spiritual power even after so long.

Did he have infinite spiritual power?

“Ah Luo, retreat!” Gu Bailu flew forward and cast runes on Ah Luo, pushing Ah Luo out of the arena.

But she had no time to escape Bai Yunyi’s spiritual power after saving Ah Luo, and could only set up a barrier.

It was as fragile as paper in the face of Bai Yunyi’s explosive spiritual power. She was blown away into the sky.

She closed her eyes. Damn it. Was this how her life was going to end?

Could she find her nemesis in her next life?

She was really reluctant to go! Everything had been going to plan, but why was she sacrificed in the end?

But her side should win even if she died in the end.

Two people in the Bai family died, and she was the only casualty on the Gu family’s side.

She regretted not calculating the time properly.

She had thought that time would run out after she killed the two disciples.

She hadn’t expected Bai Yunyi to still have time to attack. Even more regretfully, Bai Yunyi seemed to boast infinite spiritual power.

He was still so young. Was he human at all?

Gu Bailu felt that her eyes would still be wide open when she died because of her regrets. She could’ve won the battle…

If only she had calculated the time properly.

Just as she thought she would be torn to pieces by spiritual power, someone quickly jumped into the sky to embrace her.

“Who is it? Who would interfere in a personal contest?”