Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 525 - Understanding Bai Yunyi

But spiritual power was the only thing that was appreciated in this world. Everybody would unleash their spiritual power like crazy in order to win.

It was actually no different from the online games which Gu Bailu had played in the modern era.

Those who went too crazy while dealing damage were often defeated through subterfuge.

In this world, people had forgotten that it wasn’t just all about spiritual power; intelligence could also help secure a victory.

Why else would advisors be needed in a war?

However, the people in this world didn’t understand that.

The two descendants returned to Bai Yunyi’s side and asked, “Third Brother, what do we do? They’re invulnerable.”

They would run out of spiritual power if they kept using it.

Bai Yunyi smiled and said, “This Miss Gu is interesting. She’s not draining us of our physical strength this time; she’s draining us of our spiritual power.”

“Huh? Then are we going to fight her or not?” The descendants of the Bai family were stumped.

They had cooperated many times as a team, and had never once failed.

Though Bai Yunyi was invincible with his spiritual power, they had always kept a low profile.

Third Brother wouldn’t have revealed himself if it hadn’t been for Gu Bailu’s repeated provocations.

It never occurred to them that their opponents would be so unconventional. It was more like children playing than a contest.

All these phantoms were really confusing.

“Of course we’ll fight them. We won’t stand a chance if we don’t fight.” Bai Yunyi increased his spiritual power. “Even though those phantoms are sharing the damage from our spiritual power, they’ll still suffer injuries if they aren’t treated in time. With those injuries, they’ll still lose once time runs out.”

The descendants were enlightened. “That’s right, there’s a time limit to this contest. It’ll be a tie if nobody is defeated, so we have to injure them.”

Motivated, the two descendants unleashed their spiritual power at the phantoms.

When one phantom went down, another phantom was generated elsewhere.

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists. His eyes seemed calm, but his heart was on fire.

Even though the damage of the spiritual power was shared out, Gu Bailu would still be hurt. How could she get hurt when she was pregnant?

But he couldn’t go out at this moment. If he did, everything would be in vain.

Feng Qingtian’s heart was tormented. He was worried that Bai Yunyi would hurt Gu Bailu or that he might recognize her.

He could only fill himself with wine.

Gu Bailu was separated from the world outside by the Soul Collecting Bracelet.

With her Heavenly Eye, however, she could see that the spiritual power which Bai Yunyi had released was turning the arena upside down.

From his face, he was confident that he could injure them and win this battle.

He never thought about locating them.

Gu Bailu had seen it coming. She had had a feeling that it was in Bai Yunyi’s best interest to act as such, instead of seeking an ultimate victory after locating her position.

Gu Bailu fixed her eyes on Bai Yunyi, who was gorgeous but not aggressively so. He was just refreshing and nice to look at.