Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 524 - Using All The Tricks

Bai Yunyi’s spiritual power was really overwhelming as it squeezed and twisted Yin Neng’s fleshless face.

Ah Luo’s slight frame was pressed down as well.

Not daring to waste any time, Gu Bailu quickly drew a cross-shaped rune and threw it out, illuminating the dark environment.

She waved her hands and moved about gracefully as she continued to throw out runes which flew into the sky like yellow flower blossoms.

She kept moving and throwing out runes until they hung everywhere in the air.

Gu Bailu crossed her arms and chanted, “With all living creatures as the spirit, establish the array!”

Immediately, the runes which flew out turned into humans. Some became Gu Bailu, some became Ah Luo, and there were Yin Neng and Bu Yaolian too. Dozens of people who looked like the real individuals appeared in the arena. There was no telling who was real and who was fake.

They all stood there unmoving.

Gu Bailu called back the cross that she had thrown out, and the bright environment immediately turned dark.

Yin Neng and Ah Luo stopped holding back Bai Yunyi’s spiritual power, which was absorbed by the dozens of puppets in the arena…

“Sharing?” Spiritual power sharing?

Some of the audience who knew this trick cried, “It’s really spiritual power sharing! Her puppets are sharing the damage from the spiritual power!”

Such formidable spiritual power might be fatal for one person, but if dozens of people shared the impact of the spiritual power, the damage each of them suffered would be insignificant.

“The sharing isn’t important; the problem is, which of all those people are real?!”

How could Gu Bailu have created so many phantoms and have them share the damage?

If they couldn’t detect her and the hostile spiritual power was shared out, how could they defeat her?

Bai Yunyi frowned slightly. The other two descendants charged into the crowd and tried to eliminate the phantoms, but after they destroyed one phantom, another would emerge elsewhere.

After they killed a Gu Bailu, an Ah Luo would show up somewhere else.

“This isn’t just phantom sharing; it’s also an array. As long as the array isn’t decoded, those phantoms are invulnerable.”

Where were Gu Bailu, Ah Luo and Bu Yaolian?

Inside the Soul Collecting Bracelet, of course. Every person in the arena was in fact an illusion.

“I’m going to find out how powerful that Bai Yunyi is…” Gu Bailu chuckled inside the spacious Soul Collecting Bracelet.

“Lulu, what if he doesn’t use his spiritual power and just waits?” asked Bu Yaolian worriedly.

Gu Bailu pinched her plump cheek and said, “That Bai Yunyi is clearly a man who is confident in his spiritual power. He will definitely try to defeat our real selves. Even if he really does wait patiently, we can still approach him from the back inside the Soul Collecting Bracelet and ambush him.”

After all, they were hiding in the dark; it would be very hard for Bai Yunyi to react if Yin Neng attacked him unexpectedly.

Ah Luo clapped her hands. “That’s great, my lady.”