Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 523 - What Are You Singing?

They had been using evasive maneuvers In the previous battle, which wasn’t a problem for Gu Bailu or Ah Luo.

However, it wouldn’t be easy for Bu Yaolian to run away this time.

Their opponents quickly went on the offensive, but Bai Yunyi just stood there and showed no signs of planning to join the battle.

Bai Yunyi was well aware of Yin Neng’s capabilities, but they had never personally fought each other.

The other two descendants of the Bai family ignored Ah Luo and attacked Yin Neng together, giving him quite a hard time with their water and fire attributes.

Gu Bailu frowned. Why were they fighting her alone and not bothering with Bu Yaolian?

It seemed they had realized that they lost the previous battle because she drained them of their physical strength, so they would deal with her first to prevent her from playing the same trick again.

“Why are you fighting me? I won’t drain you of your physical strength this time.” Gu Bailu stuck her tongue out at them.

“Those two have no defenses,” one of the descendants replied.

“Wow, how bold! I’ll be d*mned if you can actually catch Ah Luo!” While casting enhancement runes on Yin Neng, Gu Bailu distracted the opponents by talking to them.

Unable to concentrate, the other disciple said angrily, “Why are you so talkative?”

“Is it any of your business? I like to talk when I fight. I’m going to even sing a song!”

Gu Bailu sat down and really started singing. “Ah ah oh oh ah ah oh oh ah oh oh ah oh ah ah ah ah…”

The audience was all lost for words.

Was it a song?

It was more like the cries of a ghost.

“Stop wailing! Are you trying to attract ghosts?” Enraged, one of the descendants punched at Gu Bailu with his spiritual power.

But with Yin Neng protecting her, Gu Bailu continued singing happily. “That’s really a neat description. It’s your ghosts that I’m attracting!”

The two disciples looked at Bai Yunyi and wondered why he wasn’t taking any action. They couldn’t beat Yin Neng on their own.

Bai Yunyi was looking at Gu Bailu strangely. He raised his hand, and a great wind kicked up.

Clouds covered the moon in the sky and a storm rose.

Gu Bailu immediately jumped to her feet and gave Bu Yaolian a hand. “Try to hide outside the arena, now!”

Bu Yaolian was fat and the wind was too strong for her to move in, so she simply dropped and rolled out of the arena.

By the time she rolled out, her face was bruised and swollen.

Gu Bailu wasn’t any better. She could barely stand on her own feet without Ah Luo’s help.

She hurried to establish a few barriers to block the wind around her.

Damn it. Who was this guy? He was unleashing so much spiritual power.

“My lady, he’s using multi-colored spiritual power. He’s very strong,” said Ah Luo.

“We can stop him together.”

“We can’t.”

Once again, Gu Bailu realized that too many people out there were better than she was.

The guy was so formidable that there was no way she would be able to drain him of physical strength.

Thankfully, that wasn’t her plan.