She turned around and walked back to the arena. “Then I’ll kill them now.”

The leader of the Bai family immediately stopped her. “Idiot, don’t cross the line.”

Ah Luo pushed him and said, “The empress dowager said that nobody wins until they kill their opponents.”

The empress dowager: “…”

I didn’t say that at all. Don’t blame it on me. I was just shocked that you won by doing nothing.

How could anyone win a game by throwing a bracelet around?

Gu Bailu pulled at Ah Luo and defended her. “Leader Bai, Ah Luo is just a kid.”

She walked over to the empress dowager with Ah Luo. “Your Highness, have we won? Should we continue?”

Did she have to kill all of them?

The empress dowager’s eyebrows twitched. “Of course you’ve won.”

Everybody finally realized that the garbage, the idiot and the fatty had really won… The three fellows from the Bai family had collapsed in exhaustion!

What trick was this?

Looking at the curious and confused ministers, the empress dowager asked the question that was on all their lips, “But how did you win?”

“Your Highness, we’re human and each of us has physical strength which we use to support our actions. Spiritual power is just power that we can release. Without physical strength, spiritual power is useless… So, I simply drained them of their physical strength.”

Drained them of their physical strength?

You make it sound so easy. How can you drain someone of physical strength when they have so much spiritual power?

“Exactly how did you do it?”

“Forgive me, but that’s my secret.” Gu Bailu touched her Soul Collecting Bracelet.

If the Soul Collecting Bracelet could collect ghosts, it could certainly absorb physical strength.

Gu Bailu had been inspired by the ghost soldiers who were able to absorb the spiritual power of other people. It was a marvelous skill.

While she wasn’t able to take other people’s spiritual power, she could take their physical strength.

Spiritual power was like a person who used their limbs to defend themselves in a fight; if they didn’t have any physical strength, they wouldn’t be able to use their limbs at all.

Gu Bailu had only been testing it out. She hadn’t expected to succeed so easily.

The audience was confused. Could a person be drained of physical strength?

It had never occurred to them that their immense spiritual power was supported by their physical strength, because using spiritual power was very easy and not exhausting at all for them.

However, once they were drained of physical strength, they wouldn’t even be able to pick up a piece of paper.

How could a battle be fought like that?

“Grandmother, father, that isn’t fighting at all, but only tricks! The world would fall into chaos if everybody fights like that.”

The second prince stood up and voiced strong objection.

The empress dowager looked at the emperor and asked, “What do you think?”

The emperor thought for a moment before he said, “The Gu family did win on the surface, but their victory was baseless. A battle should be won through fighting instead of tricks.”

“Your Majesty, what do you mean by baseless? Is there a rule that forbids such a method of fighting? Do we have to spill blood for a victory?”