Lying in Murong Huangtang’s arms, Nan Ningxin was rather gloomy. She hadn’t expected the bracelet to be brought over as well.

Nobody could capture Gu Bailu when she hid in that space.

Nan Ningxin looked at Ah Luo. “Brother, catch her maid, and she’ll come out soon.”

To please her, the people around her had already flown over to Ah Luo when Nan Ningxin spoke.

Frowning, Ah Luo stood up. The bracelet glittered in midair, and she wondered what to do next.

“Run, Ah Luo!” Gu Bailu’s voice echoed next to her ears.

Ah Luo leapt and dashed off, only to be surrounded by a bunch of people.

She launched a halo with all her spiritual power to cage them in before she ran off quickly.

She always listened to instructions.

“Catch her. Don’t let her run off. Activate the barrier of the Murong family,” a white-haired old man said in a steady voice.

Immense spiritual power could be sensed around him, which made him fearsome.

He was Murong Cangjian, the patriarch of the Murong family. The high wall of the family’s estate immediately glittered, and the barrier took effect.

Ah Luo rushed forth, only to be knocked back to the ground.

“My lady, I can’t get out.” Ah Luo grew anxious.

Several people ran over and tied Ah Luo up with rope, throwing her into the center of the yard.

“I didn’t know that she had a space artifact to hide in.” The manager of Ronghua Tower was most happy to see this.

It would be best for her to be killed at the hands of the Murong family.

Murong Cangjian stared at the bracelet glowing in midair.

“Miss Gu, if you don’t come out, it’ll be your maid who’ll get hurt.”

Gu Bailu opened the bag and landed. “Threatening me with my maid when you cannot capture me, you are truly shameless. That’s how you managed to live to such an old age, isn’t it?”

“My lady, I was too useless.” Ah Luo was angry that she had burdened her lady.

Gu Bailu smiled. “Ah Luo, why are you useless? You forced the Murong family to deploy such a powerful defense mechanism. You should feel proud.”

“Don’t blame us for being brutal after you hurt my granddaughter.” Murong Cangjian raised a fireball and threw it at Gu Bailu.

Although Gu Bailu was hurt, she didn’t intend to wait to be killed.

She hurried to draw a rune. A barrier appeared and blocked Murong Cangjian’s fireball.

However, the rune was soon broken, and the fire was about to overwhelm her.

The image of the hellish fire in her dreams popped up again before Gu Bailu’s eyes. She shivered.

Both then and now, she wanted someone to come to her rescue, so that she would know that there was still justice and kindness in this world.

Having exhausted herself after using the rune, she could only fall backward.

She was blocked by a wall. There was no place to retreat to.

The fire dashed over, and Gu Bailu stubbornly closed her eyes.

Perhaps, the dream was indeed an omen.

She was to die in fire.

However, the pain that she expected didn’t come, and the wall behind her spoke. “How can you attack such a beautiful lady? Does your conscience not hurt?”