The man was amused when she kept hitting him with her bracelet without causing any actual damage.

“Are you here to juggle?”

Of course she was. What could a piece of garbage possibly do?

“Yes, and you’re my prop.” Gu Bailu threw the bracelet at him again. The man tried to dodge, only to find that he couldn’t exert his strength even though he still had a lot of spiritual power left.

“Ah Luo, time to get to work!” Gu Bailu winked at the man, and swapped places with Ah Luo.

Ah Luo launched two streaks of red light at the man from different directions to form a cross around him.

He could no longer move as he fell to the ground.

“Bu Yaolian, go and knock him out.” As she spoke, Gu Bailu launched runes at the other two men.

They were too busy dodging the runes to help the man on the ground.

Bu Yaolian wobbled forward and sat down on the man. The man screamed in agony and passed out.

“Lulu, this one is down.”

Bu Yaolian didn’t forget to make a pose at the audience that was watching the battle.

The audience and the other two contestants were all dumbfounded.

What was going on? They simply saw Gu Bailu throw the bracelet at the man, and all of a sudden, the man seemed to lose all his strength and fall to the ground after being hit by that idiot.

The man even passed out when the big useless fatty sat on him.

Hey… was this a fake game? How could anyone pass out without getting hurt?

“Ah Luo, come here!” Gu Bailu shouted as she hurled the Soul Collecting Bracelet quickly and precisely.

The other two guys in the arena were also hit by the bracelet. Sensing nothing wrong, they focused on attacking Gu Bailu together. Gu Bailu had nowhere to hide and could only summon Yin Neng.

Yin Neng roared and blocked one of the men’s attacks, and Ah Luo took the attacks of the other one.

Gu Bailu simply sat on the ground and threw her bracelet between the two guys.

“Is this a game? It looks like she’s juggling.” The audience was stunned.

“The man who said that is now on the ground. Do you want to join him?”

“Is that woman really capable of witchcraft?”

“It might be a coincidence… Is that man sick?”

Ignoring the audience, Gu Bailu simply tossed the bracelet at the two guys, who were fighting Yin Neng and Ah Luo respectively. None of them could defeat their enemy quickly.

But they were all wounded.

Gu Bailu threw the Soul Collecting Bracelet faster and faster.

“Okay, done.” She stood up, and both of the guys fell after Yin Neng and Ah Luo launched attacks.

Gu Bailu put the Soul Collecting Bracelet back on and recalled Yin Neng. She then petted Ah Luo and asked, “Are you tired?”

“Yes!” Ah Luo dashed to the empress dowager and said, “Your Highness, I won! Is there any other delicious food in the royal palace?”

She had thought that the chicken wouldn’t be great, but after trying it, she realized that the food in the royal palace could be scrumptious too.