“Hehe. The weakest one, of course. I think I’ll pick the Bai family.”

The leader of the Bai family flew into a rage. “What did you say?”

She was declaring to everybody that the Bai family was the weakest…

However, the Bai family was definitely stronger than two of the other four families, and only couldn’t compare with the Murong family.

“Leader Bai, it’s useless to get angry. Speak with your strength.” Gu Bailu smiled disdainfully at him and walked into the arena.

The three elites of the Bai family were the two sons of Leader Bai and a distant relative who had always been considered a genius and who studied at Cloud Mirror Academy.

There were few people who were as strong as he was in Southern Glory Empire.

Though she declared that the Bai family was weak, Gu Bailu knew that the Bai family was quite powerful…

However, she wasn’t any weaker than they were.

Gu Bailu glanced at the three guys, only to discover that they were quite pretty and effeminate.

Gu Bailu whispered something to Bu Yaolian.

Gu Bailu’s main goal was to preserve Bu Yaolian’s life. Though Bu Yaolian had spiritual power, it was too little, and she was too fat to dodge nimbly.

She then whispered something to Ah Luo, and Ah Luo nodded. “Alright, I’m on it, my lady.”

Ah Luo walked forward and summoned a red flame. “Do it!”

The three contestants from the Bai family instantly launched countless ice shards at them.

Gu Bailu and Bu Yaolian quickly dodged the ice attack, and Ah Luo dashed among the shards like a ghost, absorbing all the attacks with her flame.

“Is that the best you can do?” Ah Luo snorted in disdain, before she unleashed lightning at the three of them.

Immediately, a storm raged in the arena.

The three experts of the Bai family were pissed and planned to teach Ah Luo a lesson, but Ah Luo simply ran and dodged them. Gu Bailu also used her teleportation rune to switch locations nonstop with Bu Yaolian.

The three experts of the Bai family were annoyed at constantly missing their target. They were getting exhausted too.

Suddenly sensing that things weren’t looking good, they split up to aim at one target each.

Gu Bailu took off her Soul Collecting Bracelet and launched a rune at it. “Go and absorb their strength.”

The man who was attacking Gu Bailu was stumped for a moment when he saw the bracelet, and finally remembered that Gu Bailu practiced witchcraft. In his daze, the bracelet hit him. He didn’t feel much except for a slight sense of exhaustion.

Gu Bailu grabbed the Soul Collecting Bracelet and ran with Bu Yaolian again. After all, she could disappear with the teleportation rune, and other people had to predict the direction she was running in.

Ah Luo, on the other hand, was toying with one of the guys by using lightning, fire and wind.

The three representatives of the Bai family suddenly felt like dogs that were being led around by the nose.

Why couldn’t they catch these three women?

They were determined to kill them.

“All you can do is hide? Are you here to be fighters or to be cowards?” scoffed one of the guys disdainfully.