Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 517 - An Instant Battle

It usually took other people a dozen years of cultivation to become a Master.

“Your Highness, I would like to know how many times our country has won the Sword Test among the three countries.”

The empress dowager’s face turned gloomy at Gu Bailu’s question, and so did the faces of the emperor and the ministers.

Prince Zi’s father was supposed to participate in the last Sword Test, but he had been otherwise occupied, and the contestants lost the test.

Going further back in history, Southern Glory Empire had never won once in the last hundred years.

Southern Glory Empire had occupied a fairly large territory at the start, but it lost a lot of cities due to the Sword Test. If the previous and the current Princes Zi hadn’t taken some of the cities back in war, Southern Glory Empire would be even poorer.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty, why don’t you look at the reason why our country failed? It’s because your threshold prevents those who are really capable from participating in it, like me!”

Gu Bailu made the declaration loudly and solemnly.

“Arrogant! You think you can defeat the experts of the four families?” The emperor snorted.

“Oh… You’re implying that the Master-level spiritual power requirement isn’t a good one?” asked the empress dowager.

“Of course; garbage can kill people too. Why else would Shao Di establish a class for garbage?” Gu Bailu said confidently, “You can see our strength first, Your Highness.”

The empress dowager thought for a moment, then said, “Since you’re so insistent, you may try. However, you may be killed in this battle. Are you sure you want to do it?”


“I go wherever you go, my lady.”

“I’ll go if you ask me to go, Lulu.”

None of them was scared of death.

The empress dowager looked at Feng Qingtian and asked, “Prince Zi, what do you think?”

Feng Qingtian could only curse in his heart.

Exactly what was going on? He had passed a note to her to tell her to leave the party.

Yet, the girl was personally joining the game with Ah Luo.

Not only might she catch that person’s attention, but the game was dangerous in itself.

In a three-on-three match, it was teamwork that really mattered, not the strength of the individuals.

This three-person group that had only just been established might not win at all.

He was really worried that she might be hurt.

Furthermore, she was carrying a baby.

Exactly what was she up to?

“It’s your decision, Your Highness.” Feng Qingtian certainly wanted to object, but the empress dowager might not listen to his objection, and he couldn’t be too obvious.

Feng Qingtian was rather upset.

Something sank in Gu Bailu’s heart when she heard the indifferent reply.

She didn’t know that he could treat her like nothing like this.

She wasn’t too happy even though she knew that he was pretending.

“Very well, you may try, then. I look forward to your performance.” The empress dowager made a decision.

“Your Highness, why don’t we pick a team and fight them first? If we win, we’ll continue, and if we lose, nobody’s time will be wasted.”

She only needed to beat the Bai family!

She had been observing the game. The contestants from those families were really good, especially those from the Murong family, even though Murong Lanyi and Nan Ningxin were already gone.

The Wang family belonged to Wang Dachong, so she didn’t want to attack them.

As for the Qi family, she had no grudge with them.

So, she only had one real opponent, which was the Bai family.