Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 513 - Squeeze Into the Four Families

The game was about to commence, when the second prince suddenly stood up and said, “Grandmother, single competitions are boring. Why don’t we have team battles? Isn’t that how the Sword Test of the three countries is carried out?”

The emperor nodded. “Mother, I think that team battles are better as well. We can have two-on-two or three-on-three matches.”

“Let’s make it three-on-three.”

The Sword Test was a three-on-three competition of the three countries that was held every twenty years.

The winning country would be allowed to make grand requests of the other countries, which had to accede to the requests provided that they weren’t asked to surrender their reign.

Thus, the Sword Test was of paramount importance to all the countries.

When the twenty-four candidates were divided into groups of three, the game proceeded much quicker.

Gu Bailu wasn’t really excited by the game. After all, none of the contestants was as strong as Feng Qingtian, Gu Yunjing or Ah Luo, and their attacks weren’t impressive at all. She only hoped that the elites of the noble families could join sooner so that she could see how good they were.

After one round, four out of eight groups remained. They were none other than from the Murong family, the Wang family, the Bai family and the Qi family.

The four greatest noble families certainly deserved their fame.

Gu Bailu looked at Wang Dachong, and Wang Dachong happened to be looking at her. He smiled.

Gu Bailu raised her cup in silent “congratulations.”

Wang Dachong grinned and decided to send out stronger candidates now that his goddess had blessed him.

Actually, few people in the Wang family itself were strong, but the Wang family was rich and had a lot of experts from outside, which enabled them to stay on par with the other noble families.

When Feng Qingtian flew into a rage previously, a lot of people in the Wang family were killed, but those outside experts weren’t affected at all.

Thus, the Wang family still held power.

“It seems that the four families won’t be replaced this year…”

“You don’t know that. Many other families haven’t revealed their true power yet. They have to try their best to stand among the four families.”

Listening to the girls nearby chatting, Gu Bailu asked curiously, “Is it so important to be one of the four families? Isn’t it just an honorary title?”

How many people had to be sacrificed to achieve that?

“Only if you’re one of the four families can your family be boosted by a Holy Fruit and use the royal legacy to cultivate. Who doesn’t want that?”

The girls looked at her, as if they couldn’t believe that she didn’t know that.

Gu Bailu was stumped. She didn’t know that being one of the four families came with so many privileges.

She didn’t know what the Holy Fruit was exactly…

However, with the royal legacy, one could cultivate ten times faster than usual…

Thus, even someone as useless as the second prince could also become a Master.

If he didn’t have the royal legacy, he might still be at the beginner level.

Royal legacy! Gu Bailu suddenly craved it. Ten-fold progress was too alluring!

“What’s the Holy Fruit?” asked Gu Bailu.

The girl looked at her as if she was a weirdo, but she still explained, “With a Holy Fruit, everybody in the family can cultivate twice as fast.”

“Ah…” It was something fantastic again. Coupled with cultivation pills, Gu Bailu could acquire red spiritual power too someday!

If all the incapable trash of the Gu family could have that… Wouldn’t all their fates change?

Suddenly, Gu Bailu wanted the Gu family to be one of the four families!