Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 512 - The Royal Palace Is No Fun at All

Dragons were supreme monsters that human beings could only avoid. Who dared to kill them?

“It’s fine if you don’t have it. I would like Dongpo pork, then,” said Ah Luo with an “I knew you didn’t have it” look on her face, which made the emperor’s face darken.

The empress dowager: “…”

Are you sure you’re not here to make trouble?

“Okay, Ah Luo, only Shao Di has dragon meat, and Dongpo pork can only be found at Prince Zi’s house. We’re in the royal palace, and we’ll have the royal chef’s best meat.” Gu Bailu petted her and smiled at the empress dowager apologetically. “Please forgive her ignorance, Your Highness.”

The empress dowager chuckled. “This girl seems to have enjoyed a lot of food. The royal chef here makes the best chicken. You’ll like it.”

Ah Luo nodded and said, “Okay then.”

Gu Bailu returned to her seat with Ah Luo, who was quite upset.

“My lady, why is there no dragon meat or Dongpo pork in the royal palace?” Ah Luo frowned in confusion.

Wasn’t the royal palace supposed to have everything, when the greatest monarch in the world lived there?

She remembered that there was a dragon in the royal palace.

“Because they don’t have time to hunt dragons, and no other chef is capable of making Dongpo pork except for the one at Prince Zi’s house.”

Ah Luo lay over her table and pouted. “The royal palace is no fun at all. I thought we would have delicious food here.”

“You can defeat another five people later and then tell the empress dowager that you want to return home to rest. Then we can go back.” Gu Bailu didn’t feel guilty at tricking her maid into fighting for her.

Ah Luo was immediately energized. “Okay. I want to go home and get some rest.”

But when the chicken was served, Ah Luo was completely conquered by the spicy and delicious food. She was too devoted to the chicken to ask to go back.

Gu Bailu knew that the girl wouldn’t go home until she had all the chicken. One plate of chicken would take her a quarter of an hour, while twenty plates…

Fine. Gu Bailu decided to focus on the game and see if she could learn any new tricks.

The five contestants defeated by Ah Luo were carried out of the hall.

Gu Bailu hadn’t expected Ah Luo to be so ruthless as to almost kill them with the red brilliance.

But it wasn’t uncommon in games. People in this world never restrained themselves, even in a game.

Gu Bailu had been quite shocked by the red spiritual power as well.

So far, Feng Qingtian and Gu Yunjing were the only ones she had seen with red spiritual power.

The spiritual power on this continent could be classified according to seven different colors. Among them, yellow was the color of beginners, while red indicated the best spiritual power.

Above red, there were also hybrid colors, but Gu Bailu had never seen anyone with them.

There were few people on this continent with multi-colored spiritual power.

Some people would fight using a color that was lower than their actual level in order to dupe their enemies.

Thus, it was hard to tell if those with red spiritual power were actually stronger.

There were quite a few people with unpredictable strength, like Feng Qingtian and Ah Luo.

The game soon came to an end. While not all of the contestants were as ruthless as Ah Luo, there were a lot of casualties, and the winners were all above Master level.