Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 511 - Are You Here to Cause Trouble?

“How arrogant!” The constants were infuriated, and some of them immediately surrounded her.

Since you’re asking to be killed, we’ll satisfy you.

“You can come together!” Ah Luo counted five of them and crooked her finger.

She had a cute face and a petite body, and the action looked playful and not provocative at all.

But it didn’t make the five people whom she had singled out any less angry.

The first guy charged forth, and Ah Luo dodged quickly, before she released a streak of brilliant red light that stabbed the guy through the chest. He stared at Ah Luo in disbelief.

She was only a teenager. How could she boast such enormous spiritual power?

The rest of the guys lost their courage and hesitated, but Ah Luo dashed over like a ghost and knocked each of them out with a single attack!

These twenty-four candidates had been sent by the noble families to test how fierce the competition was. They weren’t the best in their families.

Thus, Ah Luo could crush them however she wanted.

Ah Luo looked at the empress dowager and said, “Your Highness, I’ve defeated five of them. I would like ten plates of hot delicious meat. I’m going to have it with my lady.”

The empress dowager was still in shock. She hadn’t expected the girl to emit that red brilliance.

Red spiritual power couldn’t be acquired without a hundred years of cultivation. Was this girl a hundred years old?

But she seemed to be just a teenager.

Why hadn’t the empress dowager heard of such a tough person before? Was she uninformed because she had remained inside the royal palace for too long?

Or was the intelligence which the Earthly Residence had given her wrong?

“Your Highness?” Receiving no response from the empress dowager, Ah Luo shouted again, “My lady said that you would give me meat if I defeated five of them. You weren’t lying, were you?”

“How bold of you to talk to Her Highness like that!” the eunuch nearby roared.

“Please forgive her, Your Highness. Ah Luo was born simpleminded. Please don’t be angry with her,” Gu Bailu hurriedly explained to the empress dowager.

The empress dowager smiled and said, “It’s fine. Why would I be angry with a little girl? Rest assured, I never lie. But do you really only want ten plates of meat?”

The empress dowager wouldn’t accept the childish request because she was hosting a game of serious magnitude.

Ah Luo thought for a moment and realized that she could ask for more. She stretched out both hands and said, “I would like another ten plates of meat. Hot. My lady is pregnant and can’t have cold food.”

Gu Bailu was slightly embarrassed. Ten plates of meat aren’t enough for you, and you’re asking for ten more?

Ah Luo could have mentioned that the ten plates would be for herself. When she said that Gu Bailu couldn’t have cold food, she made it sound like Gu Bailu was the one who was going to monopolize the twenty plates of meat!

She swore to god that it would be a miracle if she could even finish one plate for herself.

“Very well, then. Twenty plates of meat. It’s not unusual for a pregnant woman to desire more food.” The empress dowager laughed, not expecting such a simple request.

The girl seemed really foolish.

A piece of garbage and an idiot… What a tragic combination.

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. Why am I being cursed when I’m only going to have one plate of meat?

“Your Highness, what kind of meat will it be? Is it dragon meat?”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

She shouldn’t have told Ah Luo to join the game. She was wrong…

“Dragon meat?” The empress dowager was stunned for a moment.