“My lady, kill them!”

Looking at the people below who were as small as ants, Ah Luo was more than happy.

She knew that her lady was the most awesome and not to be taken advantage of.

The rune fell upon them like a gigantic rock. Everybody backed off quickly.

However, a child was still standing there looking at the light curiously.

“Yu’er!” A woman rushed to protect the child, but there was no time. They were about to be smashed to pieces.

Gu Bailu’s heart tightened. The child obviously hadn’t started cultivating yet, and his mother didn’t have enough spiritual power to bring him away.

Under such a heavy blow, the child would die for sure.

“Lulu, I know what you’re like. Whatever the future holds for you, remember: never turn into someone you hate.”

Her mother once summoned her and spoke to her solemnly.

After that, her parents asked her to search for her master. They believed that the accusation was unfounded.

So, she left. By the time she returned, her parents were both dead.

It was the last time her mother spoke to her.

She had given her daughter a solemn reminder, as if she knew what was coming.

Seeing that the rune was going to fall on the mother and child, Gu Bailu drew it back and threw it into a lake not far away.

If she vented her fury on the weak, would she be any different from those heartless people?

She despised them. Why would she turn into one of them?

The change in direction cost Gu Bailu all her strength. She collapsed into Ah Luo’s arms and fell.

“My lady!” Ah Luo exclaimed, at a loss in the sky.

“Ah Luo, don’t panic. I’m not familiar with my new skills yet. I’ll be fine.”

Ah Luo landed with her. “My lady, your body isn’t used to such a powerful attack yet. Don’t use it again.”

“I know. I was just too furious to care about anything else.”

“Then why did you pull it back? You could have hurt yourself.”

“If I didn’t, the child would’ve died.”

“Why bother? They were mean to you first.”

“It wasn’t the child who was mean to me. If I vent my anger on a child, I’d be too ashamed to face my parents.”

“Okay, whatever you say.” Ah Luo was confused.

The woman held her child and stayed away from them, as if Gu Bailu were a monster.

“The trash must have learned something evil. She has to be eliminated,” somebody shouted.

The whole house shook with spiritual power. Suffering the recoil, Gu Bailu vomited a mouthful of blood.

Ah Luo nimbly dodged a saber slash, only to be met with a sword.

Ah Luo couldn’t avoid so many attacks, no matter how awesome she was. A halo surrounded them and suddenly exploded, separating Gu Bailu and Ah Luo.

Dizzy, Gu Bailu flew high before she fell.

Was she going to fall to her death?

That was such a humiliating way to die. Her parents would certainly mock her.

Gu Bailu threw out the bracelet. “Let me in.”

The bracelet immediately turned into a golden bag and sucked her in.