Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 507 - Please Make Things Right, Empress Dowager

The plate smashed against the woman’s head before anyone could react. Blood immediately burst out like a spring.

“Ah…” The woman cried out in agony and fell over the table.

All the participants at the party were dumbstruck. Why was she so cocky without Prince Zi’s protection?

On the other hand, why was she so strong? Wasn’t she a piece of garbage? But she had obviously demonstrated spiritual power just now.

Did she have spiritual power now?

“What’s going on?” A team of guards rushed into the hall, and everybody cleared the way for them.

The woman fell to the ground, and her maid was weeping. “The garbage killed her! The garbage killed her…”

Gu Bailu snorted. “The way you’re carrying on, is being killed by garbage something to be proud about?”

The captain of the guards noticed Gu Bailu, and got a strong headache. Why was it this woman again? Why was she stirring up trouble in the royal palace?

The captain looked at Princess Zi, who was absolutely still, and wondered what to do about the former princess.

Unable to make out Prince Zi’s attitude, he could only say, “Miss Gu, it’s the empress dowager’s birthday celebration today. Let’s not cause any trouble.”

“I’m not causing trouble. She slandered my baby, so I had to hit her.” Gu Bailu implied that she herself was fine with the slander, which she was used to, but she couldn’t let her baby be hurt by the malice of this world before it was born.

A person’s resentment had power and could be harmful.

A person’s consciousness, thoughts and curses had power too. While the power wasn’t always noticeable, it could cause damage when it accumulated.

If someone hated a person for decades and cursed her every day, her life wouldn’t be great.

While Gu Bailu had never practiced any curse skills, she had read about them in the books of her family.

Therefore, she couldn’t let anyone badmouth her baby.

The ignorant people could say that Prince Zi wasn’t her baby’s father, which was fine, but to call her baby a bastard was beyond what she would tolerate.

The captain looked at the woman on the ground and sweated. He recognized her as the eighth daughter of the Bai family, and all the daughters of the family were great troublemakers.

You could have gossiped behind Gu Bailu’s back; why did you have to say anything in front of her? Did you actually want to be beaten up?

Even if Gu Bailu had been abandoned, it was still possible that Prince Zi would miss her later and take her back again.

Miss Bai should’ve thought of the possibility, and be nicer to Gu Bailu.

“Ask the royal doctor to treat her. Nobody is to cause any trouble at the empress dowager’s party…” The captain could only hope to mediate.

The maid, however, shouted, “She hit my lady at the empress dowager’s party without warning. No, I’ll report it to the empress dowager. Her Highness will make things right!”

Bai Suzhen, the eighth daughter of the Bai family, had a jagged wound on her head, and blood was still bubbling out in a shocking manner.