Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 506 - Stay Away From Me

The female guests at the dinner were all wearing the bold and fashionable clothes of Pale Emperor City which accentuated their bosoms and figures.

None of them were like Gu Bailu, who still looked gorgeous in conservative attire.

Gu Bailu’s stomach indicated that she was pregnant, but she moved gracefully, as if she wasn’t pregnant at all.

Her cute face was even more inviting and alluring given the contrast of what she was wearing.

Everybody had to admit that Gu Bailu was really good-looking. No wonder Prince Zi, who usually wasn’t fond of women, had been mesmerized.

But she was still useless despite her good looks.

Relying on your face alone to serve a man never worked out in the long term. Prince Zi had already tossed her aside.

“How is she shameless enough to show up?” the noble ladies whom she had overshadowed asked in disdain.

“She was invited.”

“She came here after she was thrown away twice by Prince Zi. How brazen.”

Gu Bailu walked over to Feng Qingtian and curtsied. “Greetings, Prince Zi.”

Feng Qingtian’s eyes glittered with anxiety. Why was she here?

Didn’t he tell her to stay at home?

Qin Shou whispered to him, “The empress dowager sent her an invitation.”

“Why wasn’t it reported?”

“Those watching the Gu house thought that it wasn’t unusual and didn’t report it. I just learned of it from the palace guards.”

It wasn’t the watchers’ fault. An invitation to the empress dowager’s birthday celebration was sent to the Gu house every year.

“Prince Zi?” Gu Bailu prodded when she saw his stunned expression.

You seem too fascinated by me, don’t you? Am I that pretty?

Feng Qingtian grunted and asked, “Why are you here?”

“If you don’t want to see me, I’ll leave.” Gu Bailu wanted him to kick up a fuss and toss her out, so that she had an excuse to skip this dangerous dinner.

Feng Qingtian pointed at a seat not far away. “Sit there and keep your distance from me.”

He couldn’t bear to embarrass her in front of so many ministers.

“As you wish.” Gu Bailu calmed down.

Since Feng Qingtian didn’t tell her to go, did that mean that the party today wouldn’t be too intolerable?

Gu Bailu sat down, only to hear the blatant whispers around her about how she had been abandoned and how she had shamelessly crept back to Prince Zi’s house.

Someone even said that the baby in her womb was a bastard.

Gu Bailu grabbed a plate from the table and threw it at the woman’s face.

They could slander her, but to say that her baby was a bastard?

No, not a chance.

A baby shouldn’t be blamed for its parents’ faults. Why should she let her baby be insulted by these inhuman creatures?

Not expecting the plate, the woman tried to dodge, but it glanced her. She screamed, “You abandoned piece of garbage, you dare to hit me?!”