Gu Bailu chuckled and said, “Well, I want to know who he is too. If they crack the case, do tell me so that I can go to the baby’s father and hold him responsible.”

The maid was stunned, not believing what she was hearing.

Was the baby really not Prince Zi’s?

Had Prince Zi been cuckolded?

“You may leave. You can ask the ledger manager to give you fifty taels of silver. Keep me updated.” Gu Bailu told her to go and get some food.

It seemed that Feng Qingtian had taken action.

Had he woken Yan Anchun up with Dragon Spirit Blood and Mr. Xiao’s help?

However… was Feng Qingtian the one who also spread the rumor that he wasn’t the father of her baby?

Forget it. Whoever it was, the rumor would work in their favor.

It would convince that bunch up there that she had nothing to do with Feng Qingtian.

After Gu Bailu had a meal, the butler came in with a golden notice and said, “My lady, great news! You’ve been invited to the empress dowager’s birthday celebration!”

Gu Bailu’s eyebrow twitched. Seriously? She didn’t even know what the empress dowager looked like. Why would she send Gu Bailu an invitation?

Gu Bailu had never heard much about the empress dowager, who always kept a low profile.

A grand celebration was held in the palace for her birthday every year, but she was rarely seen on any other occasion.

Gu Bailu was useless and had now been kicked back home by Feng Qingtian. She wasn’t Princess Zi in name anymore. Why was she invited?

Gu Bailu accepted the golden invitation and saw her name on it. It wasn’t Gu Zongxiong or anybody else that was invited.

It meant that the empress dowager knew her and wanted to see her.

Gu Bailu was a little anxious. Should she accept the invitation or not? She definitely didn’t want to defy the empress dowager’s order.

But if she accepted the invitation, would the celebration be dangerous?

The celebration was the day after tomorrow. It seemed that she had to go.

“Ah Luo, let’s go and pick out an outfit for the occasion.”

She had to make sure that she was gorgeous, even if she was a pregnant woman who had been kicked out twice.

On Feng Qingtian’s side, Yan Anchun had woken up, but her ruined face had yet to recover. Mr. Xiao had done what he could with his medical skills, but it would take one or two months before the effects kicked in.

“Have a good rest. Your face will be restored in good time,” said Feng Qingtian to Yan Anchun.

Actually, it was a good thing for him that Yan Anchun’s face had yet to recover, as he was very uncomfortable seeing someone with Gu Bailu’s previous face.

“Are those guys still keeping an eye on her?” asked Yan Anchun.

“Yes, so I’m afraid you still need to work. You have to finish what you started.”

Yan Anchun sighed and said, “How is my master?”

“I didn’t find him. He may be hiding to treat his wounds since he shared the damage with you. But he’s a tough guy; he should be fine.”

Yan Anchun shook her head. “I feel really sorry for him, but I can’t stop him. He really likes you and wants to be happy with you…”

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists and said, “Enough talk. Have a good rest. I’ll find him.”

“Now that I’m fine, he’ll certainly come back. He won’t leave the princess on her own.”

Feng Qingtian snorted. “He wants to sneak back to Lulu again?”