Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 503 - Prince Zi Isn’t the Father of Your Baby

The cultivation of spiritual power wasn’t very hard, as long as one was patient and willing to work hard.

It was different from her family skills, which required her to do good things in order to level up.

When she was done with training and opened her eyes, she could feel that she was filled with spiritual power; her body felt light and comfortable.

But she didn’t know whether or not she had leveled up, which was slightly embarrassing.

She opened the door, only to see snowflakes drifting in the air, and that the snow on the ground was one foot thick.

How long had it been snowing?

She lowered her head and saw Ah Luo sleeping next to the door with a handwarmer. The maid’s face was red from the cold wind.

“Ah Luo, Ah Luo…” Had the girl been there the whole time?

Wait, how long had she been cultivating for?

Ah Luo opened her eyes drowsily. “My lady, are you done with your cultivation?”

“Yes. Why are you sleeping here?”

“I didn’t dare leave when you were cultivating. Why did you take so long, my lady?” Ah Luo stood up and yawned.

“How long did I cultivate for?”

“This is the third day. I didn’t dare disturb you, seeing how focused you were in your training.”

Gu Bailu was shocked. “I cultivated for three days?”

She thought it had only been a couple of hours.

No wonder Ah Luo had been sleeping.

“Yes. Are you hungry, my lady? Ah Luo is starving.”

“Not really.” Gu Bailu didn’t know what to say. After cultivating for three days, she was neither sleepy nor hungry!

Imagine all the food that cultivators could save on.

“But I’m hungry, my lady. Let’s have some food.”

Gu Bailu nodded. Even though she wasn’t hungry, her baby certainly needed nutrition.

She checked her pulse. Everything looked fine.

Everything was normal in the Gu house. Nothing happened when she spent three days in her room.

All the servants agreed that she was reluctant to come out of her room because she was too devastated.

After three days, rumors were already spreading like crazy outside.

Gu Bailu summoned a maid who was responsible for buying things outside and asked, “What are they saying about me?”

The maid was a little surprised that her lady wanted to know. Some of the rumors were really hurtful.

“It’s fine. Just tell me the truth. You’ll be rewarded if I’m satisfied.”

The maid hesitated, before she said, “They’re mostly saying that you cheated your way back into Prince Zi’s house when Princess Zi was heavily wounded, and now that Princess Zi has recovered, you were kicked out again.”

“Princess Zi has recovered?””

“Yes, I’m told that she’s already up, and Prince Zi has been keeping her company every day.”

The maid’s face changed drastically after she said that. She hurriedly fell to her knees when she realized that her lady would definitely be angry to hear that.

However, Gu Bailu simply asked casually, “That’s all? Nothing else?”

“There… There’s more.”

But she really didn’t dare repeat it.

“Just talk. You’ll be forgiven.”

The maid snuck a look at her. Seeing that she wasn’t really pissed, she summoned her courage and said, “They’re also saying that Prince Zi isn’t the father of your baby…”