Murong Huangtang didn’t expect her to attack so quickly. He stepped in front of Nan Ningxin, only to be lifted up by the bracelet and tossed a dozen meters away.

Gu Bailu smiled and gripped Nan Ningxin by the neck. “Are you done pretending?”

Her fingernails stabbed into Nan Ningxin’s neck. Nan Ningxin frowned at the excruciating pain.

However, she simply chuckled. “What can you get out of killing me? You can’t find your parents’ souls or learn who the real enemy of the Gu family is.”

Gu Bailu clenched even harder, the veins popping on her hand.

She wanted to cut her nemesis into pieces.

However, she also knew that killing Nan Ningxin was of little use. She was only a chess piece.

It was whoever was behind the curtain that had to die.

“I’m not scared of death. As long as my soul remains, I can always get what I want.”

Gu Bailu completely calmed down.

It was Nan Ningxin’s soul, instead of her body, that should be destroyed.

Gu Bailu let go of her. Nan Ningxin had to be kept alive.

The people in the house charged out and surrounded her.

They wouldn’t allow her to use teleportation runes.

The best experts had come to the birthday celebration. Nan Ningxin had done this so that they would kill Gu Bailu.

However, was Gu Bailu really scared?

After her parents died, she had been cultivating hard precisely for this day.

“How dare you cause trouble in the Murong house? You think you can do anything just because you’re under Prince Zi’s protection?” somebody roared and slashed at her.

Gu Bailu dodged the attack, which hit the tree behind her and instantly burned it to ashes.

These people were indeed much stronger than any she had met before.

For those above the Grandmaster level, claiming a life was a piece of cake.

She wouldn’t even have the chance to explain.

Besides, there was nothing to explain. She couldn’t say that Nan Ningxin was her nemesis from her former life, or that she had come to bring disaster upon the Murong family, right?

Nobody would believe her.

She could only rely on her abilities to escape now.

Ah Luo stayed next to her. “Don’t be scared, my lady. I’ll kill them.”

Gu Bailu touched her head and said to the people surrounding her, “Come on, then. I never expected you to treat me nicely.”

Chivalry or protecting the weak didn’t exist in this world.

Like she expected, everybody began to attack. Swords, auras and lightning came at her. There was no way to evade them all.

Gu Bailu pulled Ah Luo along with her and flew into the sky. She was only avoiding the attacks subconsciously, and didn’t expect to soar so high.

Also, she didn’t know any speed skills.

Had she leveled up at some point?

She tried drawing a rune in the sky, and it fell over the people below like an encompassing net.

Had she done it?