Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 498 - Somebody Is Changing Your Fate

“Is there truly a person who isn’t afraid of you?” Ye Huai was even more curious. Who had the emperor found, for him to be so emboldened?

Feng Qingtian frowned deeply. “It remains to be seen if it’s a person.”

Ye Huai’s face changed dramatically. He realized how serious the matter was.

“I’ll go to Senior Hu immediately.” He tightened his belt as he spoke.

“I’m leaving.” Feng Qingtian waved his hand and disappeared.

Ye Huai could barely calm down. If the emperor hadn’t asked a person for help, then it was possible that he had gotten the support of a deity instead.

Ye Huai knew that Feng Qingtian had immeasurable spiritual power, but he didn’t know if Feng Qingtian could beat a deity.

What should they do if it was a deity?

But why would a deity care about the affairs of the human world?

Ye Huai shook his head and opened the door, vanishing into the night.

When Feng Qingtian returned home, Gu Bailu hadn’t woken up yet. He gently embraced her. As if knowing that he was back, Gu Bailu slowly opened her eyes.

“Honey, how is the baby?” she grabbed his hand and asked nervously.

Feng Qingtian stroked her forehead and said, “The baby is fine. Don’t worry.”

Gu Bailu’s furrowed brow relaxed, and she said, “Stop frowning. It’s not pretty. I’m going to be fine. We still have plenty of time before the baby is born.”

In his arms, she softly touched her abdomen.

This baby had come unexpectedly, when she hadn’t wanted it.

She hadn’t been very happy back then.

But when she knew that she would lose the baby, all she could think of was keeping it. She even thought that she should give birth to the baby at the cost of her own life.

That way, she could repay Feng Qingtian for all the things he had done for her.

“Yes, you’ll be fine.” Feng Qingtian’s lips curved. Perhaps he was trying to smile, but she didn’t return it.

Gu Bailu sensed that there was a weight on his mind. She asked quickly, “Is something the matter?”

Both she and the baby were fine, and he should be relieved, but he still seemed deeply bothered.

She had never seen Feng Qingtian like this before.

“Something is wrong with the emperor. He might’ve found strong support who may be targeting us.”

“Targeting us?” Gu Bailu sensed a lot of information in that sentence.

She was just a piece of useless garbage. It was understandable if they targeted Feng Qingtian, but why her, too?

“Yes. You fainted and almost lost the baby partly because of human intervention, but partly because of fate. I suspect that someone is changing your fate.”

Feng Qingtian petted her. He had planned to keep it a secret from her, but she would be hurt again if she didn’t know anything. He didn’t want to repeat his mistake.

Last time, he had to keep the secret from her because he didn’t have a choice.

Gu Bailu almost flew into a rage. “Someone is changing my fate? Damn it. Let me perform a divination and see who is tampering with my fate!”

With her Heavenly Eye, she could see and mess with other people’s fates. She never expected that she would be messed with herself one day.

“Can you see your own fate?” Gu Bailu turned glum at Feng Qingtian’s question.

It was true that she couldn’t see her own fate; no prophet could.

That was really annoying.