Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 497 - Do You Have a Small Penis?

He and Ye Huai had grown up together. Ye Huai had protected him since he was little.

Therefore, they had often seen each other naked as kids.

Later, when they came of age, Ye Huai left to take charge of the Ye family.

Though Feng Qingtian disliked intimacy and they had never slept on the same bed, Ye Huai had always stayed by his bathtub in case of any mishap.

“We’re adults now. Also, you’re married. I don’t feel comfortable being stared at by a married man.”

Ye Huai felt that Feng Qingtian was a real man now that he had slept with a woman. So, they were no longer innocent brothers like before.

“Okay. Hurry up. I have an important matter.” Feng Qingtian ignored Ye Huai’s embarrassment and left the bathroom.

But he soon returned and, gazing at the part that Ye Huai had covered, asked, “Do you have a very small penis that you don’t want me to know about?”

Ye Huai roared, “Bullsh*t! Mine is big, alright? Are you picking a fight?”

That question was past the bottom line that any man could take!

Feng Qingtian raised an eyebrow. “Is it really big?”

“Yes, of course!” Ye Huai’s face couldn’t be any darker.

What was Feng Qingtian’s problem? Why was he so weirdly interested in the size of another man’s penis?

Was he crazy?

“Show me how big it is,” Feng Qingtian walked over and said solemnly.

Ye Huai sat down in the bathtub quickly and covered his chest, like a woman about to be violated. “What are you doing? Why would I show my penis to anyone?”

“Lulu said that mine was small last time. I’m going to compare mine with yours.”

Ye Huai slapped the surface of the water, splashing it everywhere. He seized the chance to put on a robe and said angrily, “You pamper your woman too much. Go and compare your penis with those in the Cleansing Room in the royal palace.”

The genitals of the eunuchs were preserved in the Cleansing Room after they were castrated.

Ye Huai was truly lost for words. He wondered how the princess had turned a previously proud and cocky man into this.

How had Prince Zi been able to hold back when she said that he had a small penis?

If a woman ever said that to him, Ye Huai would make love to her until she passed out so that she would never question it again.

“You don’t really have a small penis, do you?” Feng Qingtian snorted, feeling that he was on to something.

He had only been curious just now. He remembered the blow from Gu Bailu saying that he had a small penis.

However, Ye Huai’s reaction was quite unusual. Considering that he usually wasn’t so reserved, Feng Qingtian was rather puzzled.

“My lord, are you here to compare penis sizes in the middle of the night?” Ye Huai sweated hard.

“Of course not. Send someone to follow the emperor and the second prince, and find out who they’re in contact with,” Feng Qingtian sat down and said solemnly.

“You can ask the National Counselor.” Ye Huai knew that Feng Qingtian wouldn’t come to him unless something important had happened.

“The National Counselor is on my side. The emperor knows that. He’ll definitely keep it a secret from him.”

Ye Huai thought for a moment and asked, “Do you want Senior Hu to set up an altar?”

“Do that. I want results by tomorrow morning.”