Four hours later, Mr. Xiao came to check Gu Bailu again. He eyed Feng Qingtian strangely. “You really gave it to her? You can have another baby, but she can’t come back to life.”

Staring at Gu Bailu, who was sound asleep, Feng Qingtian lowered his head and didn’t say anything.

Mr. Xiao snorted and said, “You’re going to regret that you didn’t listen to me.”

Feng Qingtian asked, “How is Gu Bailu right now?”

“She’s fine for now. The baby is saved. But like I said, her labor won’t be a smooth one.” Mr. Xiao extracted the silver needles from Gu Bailu and left a little unhappily.

Feng Qingtian kissed Gu Bailu, who was asleep, and placed her on the bed. After covering her with a blanket, he told Ah Luo and Ye Ying to take care of her.

He then summoned Qin Shou and asked, “Where is the emperor?”

“In Crying Ghost Woods. He’s hunting on the edge of the woods. I’m told that he caught a minor beast king…”

Feng Qingtian nodded. “You stay here.”

He disappeared after saying that. Qin Shou worriedly wondered if his lord had gone to look for the emperor.

This certainly wasn’t the best time.

The emperor was in a good mood as he enjoyed the venison that the second prince had roasted for him.

He had always tolerated Prince Zi for years, and had never had the courage to blame him for anything.

He thought that that would always be the case, but after flying into a fury the other day, he felt particularly great, and was never happier as the emperor.

“Father, will Prince Zi do anything while we’re out of the city?” the second prince gave him the venison and asked in concern.

The emperor, with a new concubine in his arms, snorted and said, “He doesn’t dare. He thinks that it’s enough to just apologize to me. I certainly won’t let things go his way.”

Thus, he had simply taken his son and the ministers to Crying Ghost Woods for some hunting.

“He’s probably going to make a fuss if things don’t go his way.” The second prince smiled maliciously.

“That’s what I’m counting on.” The emperor had a mouthful of wine in a great mood. “You go out and bond with the ministers. Things will be easier if you get along with them.”

The second prince respectfully left.

His face turned grim when he left the tent. He wondered what Gu Bailu would do when Prince Zi couldn’t protect her anymore.

He was determined to skin her alive.

He hated Gu Bailu’s guts after she humiliated him.

The emperor was about to touch his new concubine, when a stranger suddenly appeared. He threw his cup at the intruder.

But the stranger didn’t dodge at all, and instead grabbed his neck.

The concubine gripped her head and was about to scream.

“Try screaming.” The young concubine dropped to her knees on the ground at the warning, her mouth wide open, but she was too scared to make any sound.

The emperor finally saw the face of the intruder. His expression couldn’t be any more awful. “Prince Zi, what’s the meaning of this? Do you know what a severe crime this is?”

“Get lost,” Feng Qingtian snarled.

The young concubine rushed out holding her head, not daring to look at the emperor.

The emperor hated her and decided to abandon this concubine after this.

Feng Qingtian released the emperor and sat down in a chair. “Your Majesty, I could’ve killed you anytime. You’re only alive because you’ve always known what’s best for everyone.”