Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 494 - Necessary Coronation

“The pill is here.” Feng Qingtian picked up the box next to the pillow, then struggled to say, “But you will die after labor if you take this pill. I don’t want you to take it.”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “That’s still far away. Let’s save the baby first.”

Receiving the expected answer, Feng Qingtian felt even more awful. He grabbed her hand and said, “I’m too useless.”

“The enemy is too tricky and cunning. It’s not your fault. Give it to me.”

This wasn’t the time to reflect on things yet. The baby should be saved first.

Feng Qingtian took the pill out of the box and said, “Lulu, think more on it. We still have time.”

“Honey, give the pill to me.” She still had a few months to change her fate even if she would be dead for sure after taking the pill.

“We can have another baby if this one is gone…”

“Honey, this is a life created from the both of us. We can’t give up so easily. Just give me the pill, okay?”

Pain flashed in Feng Qingtian’s eyes. He lowered his gaze and put the pill in her mouth, and a tear dropped onto his chest.

He never wanted to hurt her, but he always did.

He wanted her to have the baby, but he couldn’t protect it and had to trade her health for the life of the baby.

Gu Bailu struggled to swallow the pill, then fell asleep again.

Feng Qingtian walked out to calm down, and Qin Shou cautiously joined him. “My lord, I’ve already sent people to investigate this matter. How are we going to deal with this Qian’er?”

Feng Qingtian replied without looking at him, “Lock her up.”

He had tried Qian’er’s Dragon Spirit Blood himself. He was positive that it was fine.

But just because the Dragon Spirit Blood was fine didn’t mean she herself was fine. Prince Zi’s house had always been impenetrable, and she was the only newcomer in the last few days.

Feng Qingtian couldn’t think of another possible cause besides her.

“Do you mean throw her into a dungeon, or…”

“Just lock her in a room and don’t let her out. Her blood is still useful.”

After the baby was saved, Gu Bailu would need the Dragon Spirit Blood to prolong her lifespan, so Qian’er couldn’t be killed.

“Yes, sir. What about the people with skills whom the princess said to hire?”

After an announcement was put up outside Prince Zi’s house, a lot of people had applied.

Those people couldn’t stay in Prince Zi’s house, which would be too chaotic, especially when the princess was ill.

“Let them stay in the Gu house. It’s empty now anyway.”

“I’ll get it done immediately.”

Qin Shou left with the order. He had been about to comfort his lord by saying that fortune would favor the princess, but dropped it when he remembered the divine retribution.

Clearly, the heavens disliked the princess, and she had no fortune; his lord would definitely be more upset if he said anything like that.

Qin Shou was too smart to do that.

Looking out at the blue sky from the corridor, Feng Qingtian wondered what he should do. They couldn’t run and hide forever.

He could take precautions against the plots and schemes of other people, but it was impossible to guard against punishment from the heavens.

It seemed that his coronation was necessary now.

An emperor in the human world was on the same level as the Heavenly Emperor. When he became emperor, those people would have to think twice if they wanted to play any tricks.