Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 491 - Possible Miscarriage

Actually, she didn’t dare touch Gu Bailu either.

Gu Bailu was her lord’s heart. If Gu Bailu died after Ye Hua touched her, her lord would probably kill the entire Ye family.

But it didn’t seem right to just watch without doing anything.

Ye Hua hurriedly took out two life-saving pills and stuffed them into Gu Bailu’s mouth. She trembled when she touched the blood, wondering if her lord’s firstborn was done for.

This child was the reason why her lord was to be named as crown prince.

If the child died, the emperor would have yet another excuse not to confer the title on her lord.

Exactly what happened? How could the princess have a miscarriage in her own house?

“You, capture that Qian’er right now.”

She was the last person that the princess had seen, and the princess fainted right after drinking her blood. She was definitely a suspect.

Feng Qingtian soon arrived. His eyes turned red when he saw Gu Bailu in a pool of blood. “Lulu!”

He hurriedly crouched down next to her and reached for her nose, trembling. Thankfully, she was still breathing.

He carefully lifted Gu Bailu’s upper torso so that she was lying in his arms. He focused on her pale face, too scared to look at her blood.

“Lulu, don’t be scared. It’s fine, it’s fine.” He stroked her back gently.

Ye Hua lowered her head, not daring to do anything. She feared that her gentle lord would turn into a slaughter machine later.

“Why is Mr. Xiao still not here?” asked Feng Qingtian coldly.

He had barely said the words when Mr. Xiao ran in. “What happened? How did she start losing so much blood?”

“She passed out after she had Miss Qian’er’s Dragon Spirit Blood…”

Whether the baby had been affected by the Dragon Spirit Blood or the fall was still up in the air.

Mr. Xiao was going to pluck Gu Bailu from Feng Qingtian’s arms, but Feng Qingtian was unwilling to let go. “You can examine her from there.”

Qian’er was pale behind Ah Luo, knowing that she was doomed.

Whether or not it was because of her, she would take the blame if a culprit wasn’t found.

Qian’er fell to the floor.

Mr. Xiao glared at Feng Qingtian. “I’m trying to save her life here. Don’t blame me if your woman and your baby die because you wouldn’t let go.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at him coldly before he let go unwillingly.

Mr. Xiao put Gu Bailu on the bed and stabbed silver needles into her legs and abdomen.

In the end, he put a pill which he had made for Yan Anchun in Gu Bailu’s mouth.

“She’s quite lucky. I just made an ultimate life-saving pill for Yan Anchun today, but she gets to use it first.” After everything was done, Mr. Xiao examined Gu Bailu’s pulse and said, “She’s safe now, but her baby isn’t.”

Feng Qingtian’s face changed drastically. “What? The baby is in danger? Mr. Xiao, are you sure?”

“There’s no point threatening me. I’ll try my best to save the baby, but it depends on the baby’s luck if it can be saved.”

Mr. Xiao knew from Feng Qingtian’s tone that he wanted to kill him.

As a doctor, he had met a lot of people who blamed the doctor whenever the patient died.

“Mr. Xiao, you’re a great doctor. You can certainly do it.”

Mr. Xiao shook his head. “The baby will live for four more hours at most, and will die for certain if I can’t create the pill to save it. Even if I do, there’s only a 10% chance that the baby can be saved.”