Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 490 - Massive Blood Loss

“You aren’t as greedy as he is. You may not necessarily be a good person, but you have your boundaries. People like you are rare in this world.” Qian’er sighed helplessly. “Besides, I would rather give my blood to anyone but him.”

She obviously had deep resentment.

“No arguments there. Since you need my help, you better be useful to me. Can Dragon Spirit Blood bring the dead back to life?”

“No, but it can increase a dying person’s lifespan and make them appear like normal, though they might seem slightly weaker.”

“There’s someone in this house…”

“Yes, I’m willing.” Qian’er knew who Gu Bailu was referring to before the latter finished. “However, princess, aren’t you worried that Prince Zi won’t be as nice to you after she’s revived?”

Gu Bailu smiled. “No, not really.”

Qian’er smiled and said, “My concerns are unfounded. Prince Zi cares about you too much to bother with other women.”

She didn’t know what happened between Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian, but she could tell that Prince Zi was fully devoted to her.

“That’s right. I really don’t know why I’m so confident, but I never worry that he’ll be attracted to another woman.”

Qian’er gave her the cup of blood and said, “Drink it now. I still have enough for that woman.”

“Okay. I’ll have someone take you to Mr. Xiao. He’ll tell us what to do.”

Qian’er was startled. “Mr. Xiao, the best doctor in the world? Even he failed to save that woman?”

“Not exactly, but it’ll take more than half a year. I can’t wait that long.”

She wanted her memories back. She was eager to know about her previous life.

“Okay, I’m leaving.”

Gu Bailu nodded and had Ye Ying take Qian’er to Mr. Xiao. She then drank the Dragon Spirit Blood.

Ah Luo grabbed the tea which Qian’er had brought over. Looking at the goji berries floating in the tea, she said, “My lady, something is wrong with this tea!”

“What’s wrong?” Was Ah Luo not only a connoisseur of meat, but also of tea?

“It’s not the right color. What kind of tea is red?”

Gu Bailu stroked her head and said, “Silly girl, some tea is made red.”

“No, you can’t drink this tea, my lady.” Ah Luo, however, stubbornly went outside to pour out the tea.

Gu Bailu covered her forehead. Fine. It didn’t matter. If Ah Luo didn’t want her to drink it, so be it.

She stood up with the intent of talking to Feng Qingtian in the study about what she had asked him to do the previous day.

She couldn’t wait to hear the result.

But the moment she got up, she felt the world spin, and she couldn’t control herself from falling down.

“My lady!” Ah Luo’s face turned pale when she came back.

Gu Bailu had fallen to the floor, with blood pooling between her legs. It was gruesome.

“My lady! Someone! Something happened to my lady!” Ah Luo shouted.

A maid rushed in and saw Gu Bailu lying on the ground with blood running out. Ah Luo was too panicked to touch her.

The maid panicked as well. She knew that it was best not to randomly move a wounded person, or they might die.