Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 489 - Who Is the Baby“s Father?

“That’s not a problem. Like I said, I had to produce a dozen cups of blood every day for someone else before. I’m already accustomed to it.”

Though Qian’er smiled when she said that, Gu Bailu spotted the sadness in her eyes.

This girl had a story to tell.

Gu Bailu’s heart was itchy and she wanted to find out.

“Who did you produce blood for?”

Qian’er’s smile froze. Realizing that she had misspoken, she said apologetically, “I would rather not talk about it. It would only ruin your mood.”

“Just tell me. Why don’t you just tell me who the father of your baby is?”

At Gu Bailu’s blunt question, Qian’er looked at her and said helplessly, “Princess, you’re a straightforward person, and I don’t want to keep anything from you, but I really can’t talk about this.”

“Let me take a guess. The father of your child is Lu Fenying, the crown prince of Heavenly Wind Empire,” said Gu Bailu almost without hesitation.

Qian’er looked at her in shock. “How… How did you know?”

How could Gu Bailu be so spot on? Did Feng Qingtian send someone to investigate her?

“It’s very simple. You accidentally revealed that you worked in the crown prince’s residence before, and you’re from Heavenly Wind Empire. More importantly, Feng Qingtian told me that Lu Fenying had a servant who boasted Dragon Spirit Blood, but she went missing.”

So, Gu Bailu easily guessed that it was Qian’er.

But it seemed that Qian’er hadn’t lived a good life with Lu Fenying, who completely treated her as a blood bank.

Yet, he made her pregnant.

She must’ve been in love before her pregnancy. After all, it wasn’t likely she got pregnant overnight.

On the other hand, Feng Qingtian had mentioned that Lu Fenying was a powerful and ruthless guy. He certainly didn’t need Dragon Spirit Blood.

Then, who had Qian’er’s blood been for?

“Actually, I didn’t want to keep it a secret from you. You can ask anyone in Heavenly Wind Empire, and you’ll know what happened to me. I just don’t want to talk about it…” Qian’er didn’t deny it.

She knew that denying it would be pointless, and she had to explain if she wanted to stay in Prince Zi’s house.

Otherwise, Lu Fenying would come as soon as her whereabouts were exposed.

“He didn’t want you to have the baby, so you escaped?” Gu Bailu saw the sorrow in Qian’er’s eyes; this was a woman who had been badly hurt.

Faced with such a beautiful and gentle woman, Gu Bailu naturally wanted to protect her and know more about her.

“No… I didn’t know I was pregnant when I escaped. My body is unusual. I didn’t know until you rescued me and told me that I was pregnant.” Qian’er shook her head with a bitter smile.

Her smile was particularly poignant, like fallen leaves scattered over the ground.

“He doesn’t want the baby?”

“On the contrary, he wants it very much.” Qian’er lowered her head and stroked her abdomen. “But I won’t give it to him!”

“Tell me the reason so that I can decide whether to help you or not when Lu Fenying comes to Pale Emperor City later.”

When Feng Qingtian was named the crown prince, Lu Fenying would come to congratulate him.

But who knew if his congratulations would be sincere.

By then, Lu Fenying would have definitely discovered that Qian’er was at Prince Zi’s house, and so would the Nether King.

Too many parties were involved in this. Gu Bailu had to figure out if she was capable of helping Qian’er. She couldn’t allow Feng Qingtian to get hurt over an outsider.