Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 488 - Toast With Blood Instead of Wine?

She was too familiar with that look, when a man’s beloved woman was hurt, and Feng Qingtian had been ready to cut Qian’er into pieces.

She had seen the same look on her previous master’s face, and had paid an enormous price for it.

She was really scared that Feng Qingtian would kick her out of the house.

Thus, she had come with her tea to acknowledge her mistake, in case Gu Bailu grew tired of her too and Qian’er lost her shelter.

“Don’t bother about my identity. I rose up from the bottom too, and wouldn’t be much better off than you without Feng Qingtian. Are you well? Do you need a check-up?”

Qian’er shook her head with a smile. “No, I’m good. It’s quite fun to see your belly grow bigger day by day.”

Qian’er was cute and lovely in the first place, and her smile was really sweet.

It was hard to imagine how any man could abandon such a woman when even other women found her adorable.

“I developed a spirit root after ingesting your Dragon Spirit Blood. However, I think I’ll have to cultivate for a long time.”

“Give me your hand and let me check the degree of your spiritual power.” Qian’er stretched out one hand.

“What do you mean by degree?” Gu Bailu asked in confusion.

Qian’er laughed and said, “Weren’t you a student at Cloud Mirror Academy? They didn’t teach you that? Spirit roots have different degrees of purity. The purest spirit root can make you grow quickly, while a lousy spirit root will keep you at the bottom forever, like me.”

“Really? Nobody ever told me that.”

What could she have learned at Cloud Mirror Academy, when she barely took any classes?

Feng Qingtian didn’t cultivate regularly either, and didn’t know much about her spirit root. The best he could do was get her tonics that could increase the speed of her cultivation.

Qian’er laid her hand on Gu Bailu’s wrist and frowned. “I can’t tell what kind of spirit root it is. Maybe I’m just too ignorant. You can test it with a Spirit Testing Stone.”

Apart from the Dragon Spirit Blood that flowed through her veins, Qian’er was also a walking Spirit Testing Stone, and could assess newborn babies.

Thus, few people had disrespected her in Heavenly Wind Empire, even though she was a servant. Her prediction could change a baby’s fate.

A lot of parents had drowned or thrown their babies out when her conclusions weren’t positive.

So, she really didn’t dare say anything about Gu Bailu’s spirit root.

It seemed like the worst type, but she wasn’t very certain.

After hearing her words, Gu Bailu could infer what kind of spirit root she had.

It definitely wasn’t the best, and probably wasn’t even good. That was why Qian’er was unwilling to speak the truth.

But Gu Bailu wasn’t disappointed.

“But that’s not a big deal. My Dragon Spirit Blood can improve your spirit root.”

Qian’er then cut her neck and poured a cup of blood for Gu Bailu. “Drink it. It’ll be good for the baby too.”

“Aren’t you worried about blood loss?”

Gu Bailu didn’t know what to say about this girl who looked like she was toasting with blood instead of wine.