Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 486 - She Wants Her Memories

“What kind of craftsmen are we talking about?”

“Any kind. Jugglers, gardeners, fishermen, cooks, servants… anything.”

Feng Qingtian couldn’t see the point, but since Gu Bailu wanted that, he simply let her do it.

Feng Qingtian gave the instructions, and never doubted his decision.

In his embrace, Gu Bailu felt sorry. She wondered why she couldn’t repay the man who was so nice to her with her whole heart.

Sometimes, even she felt that she was an unreasonable minx.

Gu Bailu didn’t sleep well that night. She had hazy dreams one after another.

Now, she was burning wretchedly; now, she was screaming angrily; and now, she was looking forward to someone’s arrival with hope, only to be disappointed.

She saw a sword pierce her chest. She felt her body turn transparent and fade.

She saw her parents rescuing her and dropping the Night Lotus around her neck. She turned around and saw a man on Heavenly Palace Cliff…

Yes, a man was standing on Heavenly Palace Cliff. He had the most domineering air and the greatest power.

He once told her that she was the funniest woman in the woman and that she made his life complete.

He once told her that she could do anything she wanted because he had her back.

However… He watched her vanish. He impaled her on a sword. He wanted her gone from this world!

She almost passed out because of the heartache, but she managed to run to the man on Heavenly Palace Cliff. She wanted to ask him why, but the man punched her before she opened her mouth, and she fell from the cliff, into the Fire of Hell…

“Ahhh!” She screamed in the fire and sat up, only to discover that she was in the dark. There was no fire at all.

It was another dream; she hadn’t dreamt of burning in the Fire of Hell for a long time.

She had lost the part of her soul which held her memories, and had forgotten everything except the Fire of Hell, which seemed to linger in her head.

It should be the most important and unforgettable memory of her previous life. That was why she remembered it.

But she still couldn’t see the face of the man on Heavenly Palace Cliff. Who was he?

“Lulu, what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?” While she was feeling uneasy, she was taken into warm arms.

Feng Qingtian!

Could that man be Feng Qingtian? Or was it Gu Yunjing?

When she saw Gu Yunjing for the first time, her heart had ached strongly. Was it because it was Gu Yunjing’s sword that had pierced her?

She suddenly wanted to retrieve her memories, to know what happened in her previous life.

Although she should let bygones be bygones and focus on the present, the picture lingered in her head even after she lost her memories…

That meant that it was something she was hanging on to.

She would probably never feel at ease until she figured out what it was.

There was no telling if it was because of her pregnancy, but she felt that she had become very sentimental in recent days.