Gu Bailu moved her foot aside. “If the strong are allowed to do anything, wouldn’t you live in fear every day without any sense of security? Wouldn’t you feel sorry for yourself if someone stabs you on the street just because they’re annoyed by the way you look?”

The crowd on the street simply looked at each other.

Who would be so bored as to go around killing random people? Usually, nothing would happen if they kept a distance from those who were stronger.

The experts were afforded privilege; that was the motivation to progress in one’s cultivation.

This world was too decadent. Gu Bailu knew that they wouldn’t understand her, whatever she said to them.

It was because they had never really been bullied or killed indiscriminately on a large scale.

Even if a person was killed randomly, it wasn’t their business.

They had no sympathy or compassion for their own kind.

They were all indifferent.

Gu Bailu despised this world and didn’t want to live in such a place, but she knew that she couldn’t leave this world until she died.

She wasn’t capable of changing this world, either, which made her feel helpless.

Feng Qingtian walked to her and held her in his arms. “Don’t be angry.”

Gu Bailu raised her head and looked at him. “Honey, do you know why I’m angry? I don’t want to live in such a world.”

Feng Qingtian touched her head and said, “Then we’ll work hard to change it.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened in surprise. “You know what I’m talking about?”

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?”

After what they’d been through in the previous life, he knew what she was thinking.

The woman he loved hated slaughter, and was unwilling to see the world end that way, so he made a decision.

He loved her, so he could only indulge her and give her whatever she wanted.

“Honey, you’re the best.” Gu Bailu hugged him, not caring that other people were still around.

He understood her and the misery of the common people.

He would make a great emperor. There might still be hope for this country if he became the emperor.

Otherwise, if indifference and cruelty were left unchecked, the world would definitely end in mankind self-destructing.

That wouldn’t take too long, because this world was already rotten after hundreds of years; a mere spark would be all it took to trigger chaos.

Gu Bailu let go of him and helped the woman back to her feet. She gave her a pill and then told Qin Shou to give her a tael of gold.

“Take a break today and open for business again tomorrow. Though some may bully you, a lot of people who like your pies need you. Don’t think that you’re useless. A lot of people might be hungry if you aren’t here. Got it?”

The woman looked at Gu Bailu as if she were a goddess. She never thought that someone would defend her.

She had been bullied like this more than once, and so had most of the peddlers on this street.

Sometimes, even they thought that they should be bullied because they were weak.

But was it really normal?

They were human beings too. Why should they be bullied?