The passers-by looked at the scene expressionlessly. Nobody helped her.

They all seemed used to this, or probably thought that it was justified.

“Sir, please give us a chance to live… You can earn the coins for a few pies easily…” said the weeping woman.

“You should feel lucky that I buy the food that lowly creatures like you make. Get lost!”

He kicked the woman into her stand, and her nose and her mouth bled.

The sellers at the other stands all hid away, afraid that the angry man would do the same to them.

Men and women in decent attire passed by on the street, but no one stopped or even bothered to glance at the incident.

Gu Bailu clenched her fists before she relaxed them; she knew that this was how this barbaric world worked.

People had no empathy anymore.

Those with great spiritual power were the lords that could prey on their weak compatriots freely.

Even if they committed murder, as long as the victims were weaker than themselves, they wouldn’t be punished at all.

She shouldn’t be angry about it. She should be well aware of the situation in this world now after such a long time. It wasn’t worth getting angry over.

But she couldn’t stop herself from being angry!

Gu Bailu dropped Feng Qingtian’s hand and stopped the man, who was about to swagger away. “You should pay after eating her food.”

The man seemed to be a traveler passing through. It must’ve been days since he last shaved.

He chuckled. “You want to meddle when you’re a piece of garbage with no spiritual power?”

That was definitely unusual.

The passers-by, who hadn’t seemed to notice what was happening, quickly gathered round.

“I almost forgot that Princess Zi is useless too, and anybody can take advantage of her.”

“Is she going to defend this pie-selling loser?”

“Does she think that she can protect everyone who’s garbage?”

“Hahaha… She’s really overthinking it.”

Since Prince Zi loved her and cared for her, nobody really dared to do anything to her.

But if she wanted to protect the other pieces of garbage, none of the cultivators in the world would accept that.

“If all thieves are as brazen as you are, do we really need law in this world?”

Gu Bailu didn’t really know what the law in this world was.

Killing and robbing seemed justified and went unpunished.

“Law? Hahaha. Strength is the law. Everybody bends to the royal family only because they’re strong.” The man burst into laughter after hearing her question.

He hadn’t heard such a stupid question in a long time.

“Really? Strength is the law?” Gu Bailu drew a star and smashed it to his chest.

The man didn’t consider it a big deal at all. “You think you can beat me? Ha… Ahhh!”

He had thought that Gu Bailu was weak, and was about to blow Gu Bailu away with his spiritual power, but the star hit his chest like a gigantic hammer. His face turned purple, and he fell to the ground, unable to stand up again.

“Is it very uncomfortable when you’re bullied by the strong?” Gu Bailu stepped on his chest and asked, “Has it ever occurred to you that while you bully others, you can be bullied too? Do you know that you can be killed just as easily as you kill other people?”