Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 480 - Sexiest Piece of Garbage

Gu Bailu knew the severe impact of his absence the previous day. She said quickly, “Why don’t you go to the emperor and appease him?”

“I don’t think I can. He ran off after losing his temper yesterday. It’s clearly a sign that he doesn’t want to talk to me.” Feng Qingtian had a strange expression on his face.

It seemed that the emperor had other plans.

“Did he do it on purpose?”

Gu Bailu had heard that the emperor of Southern Glory Empire was reasonably strong in the arts of the royal family, but he still couldn’t make it into the ranking of the top five cultivators.

He had only been able to claim the crown because of the abrupt death of the former Prince Zi.

The former Prince Zi had extraordinary spiritual power and military feats.

When he died, Feng Qingtian was too young to inherit the throne, so the current emperor took over.

This emperor had been dutiful to his country, and there were few complaints from the court or civilians.

Nobody would pick on him as long as he didn’t mess around with the power wielded by the emperor, because everyone was looking forward to the ascension of Prince Zi, who had inherited all his father’s shining points.

They all knew that Prince Zi would be the emperor when he came of age.

Therefore, the current emperor had always been more or less overshadowed by Prince Zi.

Yet, he was bold enough to throw a tantrum at Feng Qingtian now?

He had to be up to something!

“Let’s hope not.”

Feng Qingtian only wanted the emperor to know better than to resort to violence.

If they had a fight, not only would they shed blood, the safety of the country would be threatened as well.

Gu Bailu didn’t really care about any of it. She was confident that Feng Qingtian could take care of the worthless emperor.

After growing a spirit root, Gu Bailu wasn’t as susceptible to the cold as before.

However, Feng Qingtian still covered her with a cloak before they left, because the carriage might be cold when it was going fast.

After she got off, Gu Bailu saw that everybody on the street was wearing thin clothes, as if it was spring.

She was the only one who was wearing thick clothes, and she drew attention like a snow woman.

Everybody looked at her as if she were an oddity.

Gu Bailu felt a headache; their eyes were clearly saying, look at that piece of garbage who’ll freeze to death without those thick clothes!

For a moment, she wanted to go back to the modern era, where people were sane and normal.

“Honey, they look so unfriendly.”

Though she had no spiritual power, she was usually no different from other people when she was in a crowd.

But on this day, her clothes betrayed her!

They were too eye-catching!

She didn’t want so much attention.

“Just ignore them. Do you want to look for any jewelry you might like? Or do you want to check your stores?” Feng Qingtian glanced at the people, and they hurriedly averted their gazes.

They didn’t dare discuss it openly, but still whispered to each other in secret.

Gu Bailu thought for a moment, then said, “Let’s just take a walk and check the stores that are on our way.”

She hadn’t been out for half a month. She wondered how the managers whom Wang Dachong had provided her with were doing.

If the passers-by wanted to look at her, they were free to do so. She wasn’t scared of them!

Even if she were a piece of garbage, she was determined to be the sexiest piece of garbage!