She turned around and smiled at Gu Bailu. “Everybody wants to step on people like Miss Gu. That’s just human.”

Gu Bailu sniffed. “Such a life is more challenging. One day, I’ll drag all of them into the abyss.”

Nan Ningxin looked at her casually. “You’re quite confident, Miss Gu.”

“Even a rabbit will bite when it’s infuriated,” Gu Bailu chuckled and replied.

“You’re ambitious, Miss Gu, but Prince Zi can’t save you every time.”

“Hehe… are you disappointed that I survived Shao Di?”

Nan Ningxin was surprised. Had the garbage sensed anything?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m happy for you, but it’s better to count on yourself instead of other people.”

“Prince Zi saved me because I was worth it. I doubt whether or not you have such value, Miss Nan.”

Nan Ningxin suddenly pulled a long face. “Prince Zi can save you once, but he can’t save you forever.”

“I never wanted him to save me. Nan Ningxin, I’ll make you pay for what you did twice over!”

Nan Ningxin looked confused. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You think I can’t recognize you after you escaped to this world?”

Gu Bailu held back her overwhelming fury. Nan Ningxin was precisely her nemesis.

Although she had changed her appearance and identity, Gu Bailu had no problem seeing her original appearance.

She would even be able to recognize her ashes.

More than twenty people of the Gu family, including her parents, had been killed by Nan Ningxin!

Nan Ningxin didn’t expect to be recognized. She was planning to take care of the target secretly.

“Hehe… what can a fool like you do?” Nan Ningxin raised an eyebrow. “Idiotic and useless, and you’re talking about revenge. Everybody in your family were idiots.”

Knowing that Nan Ningxin was provoking her, Gu Bailu couldn’t hold back her fury and slapped her.

Does she think that I dare not attack her in her territory?

Nan Ningxin didn’t dodge, only to fly a few meters away at that slap.

Somebody flew over and grabbed her before she hit the ground. Murong Huangtang roared, “Hey, I didn’t invite you here to horse around.”

Gu Bailu gnashed her teeth. “You’re treating a thief as a good person. You’ll regret it someday.”

At the beginning, she treated Nan Ningxin as a pitiful girl and brought her back to the Gu family, which eventually led to disaster.

Gu Bailu had led a carefree life and didn’t understand the treachery that human beings were capable of when she was little.

Nan Ningxin helped her once in school, so Gu Bailu became good friends with her and brought her to the Gu family.

The Gu family was neither powerful nor rich, but had a long history of ghost-related arts.

They certainly weren’t common in a modern metropolis.