Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 479 - You“re Up to Something

One tended to be gloomy when they couldn’t control their heart.

After breakfast, she went on a walk around the house with Ah Luo.

When she wandered through the garden, she found Qian’er picking things and putting it in a bag on her back.

The girl wasn’t wearing many clothes in the cold winter, and the freezing wind seemed to blow her around.

“Princess.” Qian’er was delighted to see her and greeted her.

Gu Bailu felt awful, wondering why she was dissatisfied and didn’t cherish the man who took good care of her, when Qian’er wasn’t moping at all despite being hunted while she was pregnant, and could only use her blood to find protection.

It was probably when you had too much of something that it became cheap.

“What are you doing?” asked Gu Bailu with a smile.

“I found some herbs in the garden, and I’m planning to make some tea with them. I’m the best tea maker. Back home, the crown prince liked my tea the most…” Qian’er’s smile faded as she spoke.

Realizing that she had said too much, she smiled and said, “All in all, I’ll give some of it to you when it’s ready. Pregnant women can drink it too.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “I don’t have anything to do now. Why don’t I pick the herbs with you?”

“Okay. It’s better to move around a bit when you’re pregnant.” Qian’er didn’t refuse.

Though she had been a maid for years, she didn’t have the humble nature of one.

Most maids tended to bow and scrape to people of nobler status. They usually had low self-esteem because of their low spiritual power.

However, Gu Bailu didn’t sense that from Qian’er.

Maybe it was because of her Dragon Spirit Blood. People with such unique blood might be noble in their bones.

Gu Bailu picked herbs with her for almost an hour. When Feng Qingtian saw what she was doing in the garden, he almost cut Ye Ying’s head off.

“It’s freezing out here. What if you catch a cold?” Feng Qingtian glared at Qian’er and escorted Gu Bailu back to the room.

“Don’t take it so seriously, I’m not a vulnerable egg. Don’t forget that I have a spirit root now.” Gu Bailu knew that he was only concerned about her.

Though she disliked his coddling, she was reluctant to argue with him.

She felt that she was somehow indebted to him now that she couldn’t satisfy him physically.

“Even if you don’t catch a cold, the ice on those herbs will still freeze your hands.” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hands and found that they were indeed cold, which made his expression even more unsightly. “Look, even if you are unafraid of the cold, don’t forget that you have a baby…”

“Okay, I know I was wrong. I won’t do it again. I was only too bored.”

She had also been upset, so she simply wanted to do something that didn’t require her to think.

Besides, she didn’t think that what Qian’er could do, she couldn’t.

However, after Feng Qingtian criticized her, she too felt that she should be more careful next time.

“Then I’ll take you out. Ye Huai just arrived to say that the emperor went out hunting. We don’t need to go to the royal palace today.”