Ye Huai keenly sensed that something wasn’t right about the matter.

Feng Qingtian nodded slightly. “It’s indeed unusual. I’ll ask for his forgiveness once Lulu is fine.”

“That would be best. Don’t confront him if it’s absolutely necessary. He’s the emperor, after all, and is justified in punishing you.”

Feng Qingtian frowned. He could’ve held back if his memories hadn’t been restored.

But now that he had regained his memories and he remembered his identity in his previous life, he simply couldn’t regard himself as a human being who was merely stronger than the rest.

Still, he knew that the time wasn’t ripe, and he couldn’t do whatever he wanted.

“Got it. Now go back to your own house.”

Those who didn’t know them might think that there was something going on between the two if Ye Huai slept outside Feng Qingtian’s room.

After a night of sleep, Gu Bailu felt relaxed and reborn the next morning.

Her body felt light, as if she could travel a dozen meters with a single step.

Also, she didn’t feel cold at all when she opened the window in her pajamas. She was warm all over.

Thank all the deities in the universe, Gu Bailu, who used to be useless, had grown a spirit root and acquired spiritual power!

She summoned her spiritual power, which appeared as a tiny glowing gray ball.

She was still weak. Very weak.

She might not even be able to kill a chicken with such feeble spiritual power.

Feng Qingtian hugged her from behind. “You’re up pretty early. Are you happy?”

“Of course I am. I have a spirit root now. Look at my spiritual power.” Gu Bailu showed him her spiritual power.

Feng Qingtian chuckled. “It’s too weak.”

Gu Bailu stared idly at his genuine smile, which was so sweet and delightful like the first dew of the morning.

“That’s fine with me. I’m going to train well.”

“Okay. You’ll make quick progress with my help.”

Gu Bailu kissed him in delight. “Honey, you’re truly gorgeous. How on earth did I pick you up?”

“You know that I’m the best now? Shouldn’t you love me more?” Feng Qingtian asked with her in his arms.

“How, exactly?” Gu Bailu was slightly confused.

Feng Qingtian was very nice and considerate toward her, but she always felt that she wasn’t as devoted to him.

She didn’t really understand why.

But she knew that he was the only man she would ever accept, and that she wouldn’t be with anyone else even if he abandoned her.

She was very positive of that, but she simply couldn’t love him wholeheartedly.

It was probably because she hadn’t regained the memories of her former life, and their love in this life wasn’t so deep yet.

“For example, you can let me touch you…”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

She didn’t know that Feng Qingtian was referring to physical love instead of emotional love.

“It hasn’t been three months yet. Just hold back!”

Hands on her butt, Feng Qingtian smiled. “I’ve already asked the National Counselor. He said that everything will be fine as long as we do it at the entrance without going too deep…”